Shadow of the Colossus

I am both derpy and creepy looking at the same time…come at me bro

Like all gems I review, the game has to be unique. It’s one of my favorite words to use and it carries a special honor with it. SotC is definitely unique. Featuring giant monsters, interesting puzzles, and an open-to-interpretation story. Granted, it’s rough around the edges, and I hear the HD version doesn’t help, but it will touch you.

The devs really do a good job at making the giants feel big in comparison to your character.

Apparently, what I got from the game, is that the Wanderer heard of a legend that something in a valley far away would bring back his dead love. He travels there and is greeted by a demon who makes a bargain in true demon fashion. Kill 16 giants of questionable…everything and you get your sweetheart back. And this is where the meat of the game comes in, each creature is unique and takes a journey to reach it. The landscape is beautiful and you will enjoy getting to each Colossi as much as you will fighting it. The colossi can range from animal to human forms, and are covered in dirt and stone. They really do look ancient, and some of them act tired and lethargic. It’s also a pleasure along the way to wonder what kind of creature you will fight next.

The colossi have glowing sigils on various parts of their body which indicate weak points. Your job is to climb the living creatures and stick your sword into the glowing spots to kill them. Emotionally, this can be difficult with some. Most Colossi will attempt to kill you but every once in a while there will be a majestic creature that won’t wish you harm. These will be a little difficult to take down unless you hate animals (you monster). Sometimes reaching a sigil will prove difficult and you must solve puzzles in order to reach it, mostly determining behavior or spotting ledges.

The controls are laggy and unresponsive, and in a game like this it can be very frustrating. I think it’s partially due to the graphics being so demanding, but unfortunately, I can’t confirm any hunch similar without getting my hands on the source code. Which I have been bugging Naughty Dog for for a very long time. But to reiterate, yes it sucks when you jump for a ledge after five minutes of climbing back hair and failing to grab it. Also, there are a few problem colossus, like the horse and turtle. One is due to absolutely terrible A.I. and the other is just kind of difficult and annoying.

After falling off a few giant moving statues, Wanderer seems to have suffered a bit of serious brain damage……apple

The soundtrack is amazing and truly touches you emotionally. The graphics are odd to review, I could easily critique the rough textures but they might have been purposely done this way. It’s difficult when a AAA game is published before it’s time, I would like to see what it would have looked like had it been natively programmed for the PS3.

Well, that’s that for SotC, keep a lookout for other HD remake reviews, as Sony knows which games have really impacted peoples’ lives. Coming soon, Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper, and perhaps Prince of Persia, Two Thrones. See you there, only at!


~Regrettably my mic does not work properly so I will have to resort to a written review to Vampire the Masquerade.

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