Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing

Before we start, I’d like to terrify the people who have already played this game. The following link contains a creepy-pasta story that is a little long, but a good read nonetheless.


These apples might appease Nook!

The game starts off with those clever, clever girls at the developing studio underhandedly giving you the responsibility to name your own town. Oh what you guys wouldn’t do to laze about instead of coming up with creativity filled town names. I jest, it’s in your best interest to choose your own name. After getting dropped off in front of the town hall, you quickly get scammed into buying a shitty house for more than it’s worth by a shady raccoon who wants to use you for cheap labor. The main objective of the game is to relax and have fun with the whole affair, paying off your debt little by little, collecting furniture pieces for your humble abode, and making new friends of the animals of your town. There’s quite a bit of dialogue and a nice selection of villagers always moving in and out to keep the game fresh, and that dirty raccoon Tom Nook will have new items every day, generated randomly. Items include tools, flower seeds, clothing, wallpaper, flooring, and furniture.


After completing the tutorial, you’re free to wander the town, and if you have a Gameboy Advance and a link cable, you can even get to a secret offshore island that has rare furniture and cocoanuts to plant. Every town has its own fruit be it pears or apples, and the only way to get other fruits is to visit another town on a different memory card. If you don’t have any friends or peripherals, that’s OK too, there’s plenty to do. Every holiday (or every time you decide to change system time)there’s a different event to get more expensive, holiday themed furniture, and you can catch bugs and collect fossils, to sell or to donate to the local museum. There are a lot of things I didn’t have time for so you have even more things to explore!

One of my favorite things to do though, was fish. Put on some Chamillionaire, Chopped and Screwed (the infamous southern DJ style where the music is slowed down and made to sound as if it’s skipping in parts that would actually benefit from it, as well as additional sound effects) and cast off for a big haul. Certain bugs and fish will only appear during certain times and seasons, and sometimes during odd weather. The soundtrack is nice and tranquil, with an overall atmosphere of security.

Maybe I’ll get an old boot!

I suggest you go ahead and pass over the first two and pick up City Folk, seeing as how it’s the same game with improvements and a new area. And in later games, you can even hang out in a nice café that serves you coffee. If all this wasn’t enough to keep you occupied, you can also run around shaking trees for bells, the games currency. While there is also a small chance a tree will have a piece of furniture in it for whatever reason (goodness knows how the hell it got up there in the first place) you should be careful. There are beehives up there! Usually this results in a mad dash to the nearest house, and if unsuccessful gives you a stung-closed eye for the rest of the day.

While fun, you can get your daily agenda out of the way in about twenty minutes, so it’s a nice game to check up on everyday if you have some time. Just don’t take too long, or you’ll have to catch a ghost and force him to pull all of the weeds that will show up. Oh Japan :D

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