5 Worst Movies Inspired by Video Games

worst video game movies

With this month’s “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” and another “Tomb Raider” in the works, it looks like Hollywood is still willing to take on video game adaptations. The only thing I can hope is this new batch of films is better than most of its predecessors, like these top five worst movies inspired by video games.

1. Super Mario Bros. (1993)

Super Mario Bros. (1993)

It stings a little having to put this one on the list. Don’t get me wrong, it deserves to be here, it’s just that I grew up on Super Mario. But this has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen, regardless of genre. Bob Hoskins (“Who Framed Roger Rabbit”) Mario and is slightly believable as Mario because of his stature, but Dennis Hopper (“Speed”) as the man-lizard hybrid, King Koopa, is just downright creepy and wrong. As the first video game to be translated into a movie, “Super Mario Bros.” earns my respect because, without this horrible movie, others wouldn’t have seen the need to redeem video games with more movies.


2. Doom (2005)

Doom (2005)

Before you start making comments about how Doom is an amazing first-person shooter game and I should respect anything Doom related, let me say I understand where you are coming from and I agree with you, to a certain degree. When evaluating the movie from a video game perspective, it is a solid representation. However, when evaluating the movie from a cinema geek perspective, it’s painful to watch. What seals the deal for the number two slot on this list is the laughably nauseating part of the movie where The Rock takes charge of the screen and shoots at anything in range with the barrel of his gun sticking up from the bottom of the screen, as if the audience is in the game.


3. Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

The first “Resident Evil” movie probably would have made this list had this one not been made. The first

“Resident Evil” was bad, even with Milla Jovovich sexing up the screen, but “Resident Evil: Apocalypse” is a blasphemous imposter. The game is one of the most frightening video games I have ever played and this pansy shoot-’em-up flick doesn’t do it justice. This is a horror movie that doesn’t contain a single scary moment.
4. Street Fighter (1994)

Street Fighter (1994)

With a star like Jean Claude Van Damme, it’s hard to believe this movie didn’t succeed. Who needs a cohesive story, compelling dialog, and believable actors when you can light up hurricane kicks and dragon punches? “Street Fighter” is an uninspiring adaptation that fails to win over gamers and movie-goers alike.


5. BloodRayne (2006)

BloodRayne (2006)

The game’s premise is pure genius – a half-human, half-vampire that kicks major ass. The movie appeared to be a great fit for the big screen, until Uwe Boll, this century’s Ed Wood, got involved and destroyed any chance the film had. With no story, no real character development, and shamefully bad dialog, this movie sucks more than a Jenna Haze film.


What video-games turned into movies would you add to this list?


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