Why So Many College Students Are Avid Gamers

Why So Many College Students Are Avid Gamers

Plenty of us simply don’t understand video games. Whether it’s because the appeal of them completely escapes you in the first place, or it’s because you simply don’t have the time for them anymore, it’s never a huge surprise when at least some part of the population doesn’t quite identify with video games. The parts that do, however, have remained largely consistent over the years. Ever since the introduction of the home video game entertainment system in the mid-1980s, the medium has grown and evolved in incredibly staggering ways, along with the rest of technology. Now gaming has moved online, and into the mobile spheres, and people can take their favorite video games with them, no matter where it is they want to go. Sometimes it can still be interesting, however, to consider the fact that video games are almost universally enjoyed the most by the college demographic. Why is it that college students love video games so much? It turns out there are a lot of reasons, and they might make a little more sense than you’d think. Having been recently considered to be “art” by whichever body it is that decides such things, video games have entered the cultural awareness in a way like never before. We’ll take a look at the reasons that college students like video games as much as they do.

For one thing, video games are a great way for college students to socialize, especially in ways that they weren’t able to before. Many of us leave home when we set out to complete our higher education, and for these college students, video games can be a great way to reconnect and interact with old friends that just aren’t around anymore. Even console games can be played online and with other people, and games like the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) World of Warcraft can even be a great way to make awesome new friends in far-off parts of the globe. What’s more is that, beyond the initial price you pay when you buy them, video games are relatively free entertainment. College isn’t exactly a time of crazy monetary luxury, so playing video games can be a great way to have a good time with your friends and avoid spending money unnecessarily whilst you’re doing it.

What’s more is that video games — just like car restoration and stamp collecting — are a fun hobby. There’s a lot that goes into a videogame, and with the capabilities of our modern consoles and computers, we’ve been able to imbue them with rich graphics, interactive gameplay, and incredibly complex storytelling. The interactivity gives players a feeling of control and creativity that’s rarely afforded by less participatory forms of entertainment. You don’t need your online masters programs in counseling to understand why college students enjoy playing video games — they’re a fun and rewarding way to spend your time without spending a whole lot of money. To a college student, that’s a pretty beautiful idea.

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