Where did the fun games go?

Where did the fun games go?

The Red Faction games have always been an interesting mix of average and exceptional. The gameplay itself was completely forgetable and nothing about the story was original. This is all solved however, by the physics engine and destruction mechanic. I remember booting up a Jam Pack disc one night, and against the wishes of my parents, started the Red Faction demo. One of the first tastes of an M rated game I ever played. I was amazed, and also confused. Confused because there was nothing particularly bad about the big bad M rating, and amazed at what I was missing out on simply because of more violence.

Instantly I picked up on the fact that no other game before this ever had destruction physics like this. I wondered why all games didn’t have some kind enviroment destruction engine. Backdrops and invisible walls masked as giant boulders were boring, and this offered freedom, and to an extent, more realism. Which isn’t something anyone should look for in a video game, because realism can make things very boring. However, not being able to do things normal people can do is also limiting and boring.

Back to the game, Red Faction continually got ignored. It was mediocer in its gunplay, and the destruction was the only thing holding it up. Gurilla helped with this, but not by much. The awful Armageddon made things so much worse, and yet, it took a massive step forward. I had countless (20) hours of fun destroying and rebuilding, marvelling at how smart the game was. Unfortunetly due to the loads of other problems, the game failed to sell well at all.

I’ve been writing a lot about games that fail on the whole, but have amusing details that could have made them great, and in a way, they are great. I really wish not just my gaming peers, but the developers and publishers would see these and recognize their potential. The core of a game isn’t story, or graphics, it’s gameplay. If a game is fun, that’s what counts the most, and that’s why there are more classics from earlier eras. We need to work on making this generations games stand out with exceptional gameplay. But that’s just the thing, we have put out decent games, and no one has praised them, critics are denouncing them, and everyone is talking about media games that don’t deserve to get as much attention as they do. Bulletstorm was a decent game, and yet I see it in bargain bins, Mirrors Edge was an amazing expirement, and everyone hated it.

Meanwhile, in EAs accounting department....

So knuckle up, and take responsibility for your part in this “gaming industry” as everyone is so fond of calling it nowadays. Support games that have heart, that aren’t fast cash grabs. Through this site, I can finally help this cause, I can help all of you, readers, to recognize these games, and to stay away from them. Tell the companies what you as gamers want, by buying good games, and letting bad games fail as commercial sales. Back off of massive AAA mainstream games for a while, soon they will get the hint and try to find where they went wrong. All in a desperate attempt to get more money of course, but perhaps they’ll learn something along the way, or at least we can get them into a position in which they will listen more closely to the consumer base.
And so I say to you all, good luck in doing your part, and help us all to have a better gaming future. Remember the miners on Mars, and their struggle. Thank you for your attention. Good evening.

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