War of the Roses Review

War of the Roses

War of the Roses can be considered as a great third person online medieval combat game that is based on the England’s violent civil war which took place from 1455 to 1485. In the game, the houses of York and Lancaster engage in a bloody battle in order to capture the throne. The player will have to guide the game and reach the victory in the best possible way. A wide range of weapons are available in the game in order to assist the player with his objective. More than 30 weapons are available to choose from along with numerous suits of armor, shields, helmets and fighting perks. Therefore the game, War of the Roses offers limitless choices for the player to build characters.

War of the Roses is developed by Fatshark and it is published by Paradox Interactive. A 13 man team from Fatshark has combined their efforts to develop the game. The game has gained some positive comments from experienced PC gamers in every corner of the world. War of the Roses offers plenty of entertainment and fun to the player. You will get the opportunity to enhance your fun by getting the handle over the game’s combat mechanics.

War of the Roses review

You can play War of the Roses in a team death match or in the conquest mode up to 64 players. Since it is a multiplayer game, you won’t be able to find a single player campaign in it. When you play the game, you will notice some similar concepts to other medieval games. However, you will notice some unique features as well because it is built from the ground up on Fatshark’s own propriety engine.  The game has a learning curve and it is extremely accurate. You won’t find any difficulties in getting used to the accuracy of your target because of the strategically developed skills used in the game.

War of the roses multiplayer

Seven maps are available in War of the Roses for the convenience of players. However, Fatshark and Paradox are in the process of bringing new updates to the game on a monthly basis. It will be good news for the players who need more customizations on the game. Four base profiles are available in War of the Roses and they are designed to be played in all levels. All the custom profiles will not be perfect for all the situations in the game. Therefore the players can always fall back to the base profile during their needs.

War of the roses execution

The main vision of War of the Roses is to create a really fun and a competitive multiplayer game in a historical medieval setting. Some things in the game lack the bells but the regular updates on the game will provide solutions to those issues. Therefore this can be considered as a great multiplayer game in the present world.

Developer: Fatshark

Publisher: Paradox Interactive

Official Website: War of the Roses


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  1. Eh. I think this game is a good deal better than this review makes it out to be. It certainly not perfect nor is it amazing, but I do love the combat and how easy it is to just jump into a game and go.

  2. Single player might have bulked it out nicely and made it worth the cost. Seems a pretty glaring omission given how much of it is based on M&B already.

  3. I love the game, it has something new, something old and bits and pieces form other pardox games which i love, also the history choice is a great one 😛

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