“…you can tell straight away that this is going to be a good one…”

Joint Venture is the kind of DLC that Tropico fans will really have fun playing. Once again, it offers a new mission, new unique building, a hat, a map and a soundtrack. And what is the focus this time round? Fast food. Yep, you can tell straight away that this is going to be a good one, and without spoiling the rest of this review too much, let me tell you that it really is!


In this packages new mission, El Presidente has realised that the only way to truly take over the world is through fast food. This disturbingly realistic idea leads you on your journey to build up a fast food empire with Tropico at the centre, but what you might not have counted on is the competition – Slow Food. It is great to see Tropico return to its silly self with this epic race to culinary domination, and of course there are numerous twists and turns which allow you to nonsensically get an edge in beating your opponents to the top of the food chain!


Your fast food quest is born from the DLC pack’s new unique building, which is of course the Fast Food Joint. This building provides entertainment to both citizens and tourists, making it a useful addition with many other entertainment facilities only offering this to one group or the other. It is also a cheap and effective building too, which means that you can quickly build several of these structures to cover your entertainment needs and, of course, beat the DLC pack’s mission.


Perhaps the main downside to this DLC is that the mission this time around is really, really short. You can beat the goal as quickly as you want to by simply building lots of Fast Food Joints and attracting tourists through edicts. Despite this however, it is still one of the more fun DLC missions which are on offer, and in a game like Tropico that is important. What’s more, the hat in this one is actually one which you will probably use – the McWig. If you don’t want a dynasty member sporting a multi-coloured afro on side then you need to seriously consider why you are playing this game! The soundtrack is still a little bit unnoticeable, but given that this isn’t the main seller of this DLC it isn’t too much to worry about.


There isn’t actually a lot more to say about the Joint Venture DLC, largely because there is very little wrong with it. It pulls us back into the true meaning of the Tropico games which is to have a fun, nonsensical experience whilst completing tasks which oddly make some sense. The mission is short but it is fun and is designed with pace in mind. It also has a disturbingly relatable setting which just makes it even more entertaining. The Fast Food Joint structure is also useful throughout the game as an entertainment option which provides for both your citizens and visitors to the island. The only other real criticism that some people might find is that the new map is a little small, but in my opinion I thought it was fine. All in all then, this one is worth it!


The Good:

  • A funny and fast-paced DLC which returns to the comedic nature of Tropico.
  • The Fast Food Joint structure is another one which will be useful throughout the game.
  • The McWig is a hat which will get used by EVERY true Tropico fan.

The Bad:

  • The mission is rather short.
  • The additional soundtrack (aside from new voice recordings) is still not all that noticeable.
  • Some might find the new map a little small (but personally I found it fine).


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