Treasure Planet-PS2

I really wanted to like this game. I spent a few hours searching for any redeeming quality, any mechanic that was enjoyable. Alas, this was just another movie tie-in with the smallest budget yet.

I really think the developers saw Jak and Daxter and said “let’s do that.”. There are so many similarities I would be stupid not to mention them. First off, you have a punch, square, kick/spiny thing, circle, and first person mode, triangle. Sound familiar? There are five beacons in each level and to activate them you must complete simple tasks that take about five minutes. Sounds like a rip-off of power cells don’t it? I’m willing to bet that at the end of the game, if you unlock all beacons, you get to the actual treasure trove. That’s right, the game was so terrible that I was unable to finish it.

The actual mechanics are simply not fun. There are a bunch of different abilities that you can use, but they’re all timed. You have to race to wherever you need to use them at, and it seems like the devs said “OK, we timed it in play testing, now add five more seconds to the timer because the game is aimed at kids”. So there really isn’t any challenge to the game, unless you count the unresponsive jump button WHICH I DON’T.

                There was one thing that was slightly enjoyable, and that was the solar surfing levels. For the first few laps, I actually had fun, but then the second of these levels went all Tony Hawk on me and the game got tedious again. There really isn’t much threat to dying, and the only times I died were falling due to the bad controls. You know a game is bad when you prefer the little computer games given out at Mcdonalds than the bona fide PS2 release.

                All the characters’ voice actors seem like the same people, and they do a good job. The graphics are dull and the environments, the ones I played in, were boring. The level design was simply there to serve as hiding places for collectables. You know what? I’m about three hundred words short, and I don’t feel as if I’ve been entirely fair with the game. Let me go subject myself to a little more torture, maybe it gets better… NOPE.

Ugh, I was holding out for the space levels but I got halfway through the game and never made it off the planet. Not to mention it’s all the same city, that space port that the movie focused on for about ten minutes. And the soundtrack repeats the same song over and over throughout these levels. Playing for longer made me certain it was the same engine Jak ran on. How did this game turn out so terrible? Oh that’s right, movie adaption.

I really wanted to like this game, it held promise, but once again, games rushed out to accompany a movie SUCK. I always hold out hope, after all, Minority Report was a fun game, despite it sharing half the flaws of Treasure Planet. Oh well, Jersey Devil is next week.

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