Need for Speed: Top 5 Car Racing Games for Wii

Top 5 Car Racing Games for Wii

There aren’t a ton of racing games for the Wii. This is not terribly surprising when you consider that fans of the racing genre demand precision controls and stunning graphics, two things the Wii is not known to deliver. However, those who are simply looking for an entertaining romp around the racetrack will find a few games worthy of playing on the Wii platform. Here are the top picks for those who prefer to limit their gaming experience to Nintendo’s current console.

  1. NASCAR The Game 2011.NASCAR The Game 2011

    Fans of the penultimate racing franchise were no doubt delighted when last year they extended their reach to the Wii. Although the game received some pans when it was first released, these seemed to be based largely to the fact that the graphics simply didn’t measure up to Xbox 360 and PS3 counterparts. No surprise there; the Wii is not an HD console. And while the controls lack the realistic physics manipulation that hardcore gamers have come to expect from games like Forza, this is still a good entry for the Wii’s main demographic (kids and families) and the NASCAR branding will definitely appeal to racing fans.

  2. Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli.

    Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli

     It’s hard to believe that this game came out four years ago; it holds up that well. Although players may eventually get bored with racing only Ferraris, the truth is that this is a game made for those who love racing games, which means the mechanics allow for fluid gameplay that is close to being on par with better consoles. On the downside, it’s a straight-up racing game, which means you’re spending a lot of time on the track.

  3. Need for Speed: The Run.Need for Speed: The Run

    You really can’t go wrong with Need for Speed games on the Wii, considering there are nearly half a dozen of them and all provide decent gameplay (if not graphics). But the latest release changes up the franchise formula a bit by presenting a story mode in which players are competing in a cross-country road race that takes them from one seaboard to the other. While astute players may complete the story mode fairly quickly, there are additional challenges and modes to supplement the main story line.

  4. Monster Jam 3: Path of Destruction.

    Monster Jam 3: Path of Destruction

    There are a couple of things that set this Wii game apart from the standard fare. For one thing, it features monster trucks, which ostensibly means that the freestyle element of the game carries just about as much weight as the racing bits. Although this could turn off gamers seeking a “serious” racing game, there’s a lot of fun to be had with this iteration of Monster Jam. The graphics are better than average for the platform, the handling is fairly precise, and you get to race in monster trucks, which is awesome.

  5. F1 2009.

    F1 2009

    This game is so fast that you might need to get an auto insurance quote comparison online before you start playing. Although it is a couple of years old at this point, it’s still considered the cream of the crop in terms of racing games for the Wii (not that it has a ton of competition). Like others designed for this standard definition platform, it comes up short where graphics are concerned. But it more than makes up for this flaw with stellar mechanics and handling that aptly convey the speed and agility of a Formula 1 racecar.

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