Tomba to be released on PSN!

Maybe a lot of you are too young to remember this game, but it was truly a classic in many people’s eyes. Not to mention, nowadays the physical copies are going for $50 for the least taken care of discs alone. A new factory sealed copy? $250. If you’ve wanted to play the game for a good while, stop saving up (unless you want a physical copy and I can completely understand that) because you can go buy Tomba 1 on PSN for about 5.99 USD or however much PSone Classic games are, I don’t really pay attention to them until they bring Tail Concerto out. This is a good step to having classics available on PSN, and for an affordable price.

CEO John Greiner was quoted saying  “Tomba! 2 is a possibility but we need to really sell Tomba! 1 well before we can extend our relationship. [with our license holders]”

So get out there and grab a copy of Tomba!


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