Top 6 Tips for Mists of Pandaria

Tips for Mists of Pandaria

World of Warcraft has been rocking the MMO scene for close to a decade now. As the game ages, you may start to get the feeling that you’ve seen it all and experienced everything the world has to offer. Then all of a sudden a new piece of the world opens up, filled with Pandas! As cute as these kung-fu masters may seem, there is danger on Pandaria and you need to take advantage of all the info you can get to make your way through the newest expansion.

  1. Come on Over!


Getting to Pandaria isn’t difficult at all. As long as you are level 85 you’ll find a letter with directions to the island the second you log in. There are plenty of places to explore at the high levels, so get to running around and find some of the newest loot and dungeons. If you aren’t 85 yet, let your inner beast out and roll a new Pandaren. You don’t even need the expansion to do this, you’ll be able to create all of the classes that Pandarens can be, minus the Monk. Purchase the expansion if you want to enter the martial arts.

  1. Check Out Monks

    world of warcraft monks

Monks are the only class added to the game since it launched besides Death Knights. Minus Worgen and Goblins, every race can learn the martial arts. Monks can play any role in the healer/tank/dps trinity that makes WoW run. You’ll focus on leather armor and staves for equipment and Chi as your energy. Chi can be spent to take your normal attacks to a whole new level.

  1. Enjoy the Story This Time

    Enjoy the Story This Time

WoW players are notorious for rushing through the story, but the tutorial for Pandaren is actually a personal story you’ll want to experience. You will get to know a handful of more experienced characters very well as you move through the tutorial and the humor is so well implemented you’ll be happy you stuck it out for the entire story line.

  1. Get to the Temple of the Jade Serpent

    Temple of the Jade Serpent

When you first arrive at the Temple of the Jade Serpent you’ll go through the normal quests for the citizens of the area. Get through these quests and in short time you’ll unlock Pandaria’s first dungeon. The map stays the same but now you’re surrounded by ghosts instead of little panda cubs.

  1. Catch Them All!

    pet collectors

Pandaria adds a new feature for pet collectors. You can have up to 500 pets total and you’ll level them up through battle. You get to take three into each turn-based fight and as they level new abilities will be unlocked. Start looking for any pet you can and become the greatest trainer, err, tamer in the world.

  1. Start Challenging Yourself

    challenge mode

As of this writing the new Pandaria dungeons include a challenge mode. This mode scales down your gear and puts you into a scenario that is timed. Better times reward you with medals and other bonus rewards. Find a good group and start grinding that time down.


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