A look at Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

tiger woods pga tour 13

Considering the name of this title, some may be surprised to see that the actual release date was early 2012. Nevertheless, away from the pedantic details, it’s clear to see that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 has built on all of the success from the previous games in the series. While Tiger Woods’ career is in a somewhat debatable situation, his video game franchise continues to be on the rise and is the undisputed leader in the golf game industry.

Following on from the above, we take a look at some of the main features which make the latest game in the series so spectacular.

More real life players and courses

One of the main problems in sporting games over the years has been licensing issues. It has proved incredibly difficult, and expensive, for a lot of developers to acquire the rights to include professional players in their offering. Fortunately, this is a situation that has gradually improved over the years in TWPGAT and while the franchise started with a minimum number of professionals, there is now a huge selection. The likes of Rory McIlroy, Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson and of course Tiger himself are just some of the pros involved, meaning the game certainly takes on some realism.

In a different regard, the fact there are a huge number of real-life courses and competitions adds to the effect and means that this version of the series is as realistic as ever before.

Play like a 2-year-old

This may sound like a strange feature, but those who have kept track of Tiger’s career over the years will probably appreciate it. EA Sports have implemented a feature that allows you to play through all stages of Tiger’s career – right the way from 2-year-old to professional. This is through the Legacy mode and the aim of this part of the game is to complete as many challenges in the different stages of the player’s life.

Connect with Kinnect

It’s a well-known fact that Kinnect has completely changed the way that games are now brought to the Xbox 360. It would be fair to say that there were many disappointed faces when the 2012 version in the series did not have full functionality in this regard and this perhaps allowed other golf games to gain more of a foothold in the niche. However, TWPGAT has returned with some incredible functionality in this regard and it’s possible to completely control players through the Kinnect hardware. Moreover, not only is it possible to control the club direction and speed, but you will still have the ability to master spin by various actions once the ball is in mid-flight.

Total Swing Control

Of course, not everybody will be playing on an Xbox 360 with a Kinnect sensor and this is the reason why EA Sports have completely overhauled the general control of the game. Those who have played past games in the series will probably be able to admit that there was a large margin for error in relation to swing control, yet this is no longer the case. Perhaps cruelly, EA have removed the possibility to merely select a pre-set shot from a menu and swing the club based on the set swing plane. Instead, everything is in your hands and you must set the player up in the exact position to reap the rewards. It’s a tricky system and considering the lack of documentation, some users will grow very frustrated in the early stages.

A summary on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2013

Even though there are few serious competitors to EA Sports when it comes to golf games, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2013 really has grabbed the bull by the horns and taken itself to a completely new level. Nobody can argue that EA Sports have made an almightily fine job of the game in the past, but on this occasion they have fixed all of the niggling issues that have hindered users. The ability for Xbox 360 gamers to utilise a Kinnect is undoubtedly one of the prime sellers, while the Total Swing Control that has been implemented for everyone is sure to make the game a much more realistic offering. When this is added to all of the professionals, courses and tournaments that have been added to the latest addition, it appears as though EA have created a near-perfect game.
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