The Walking Dead Review

Today we take a look at another brainless game that actually offers a promising experience and that game is The Walking Dead by Telltale Games, known mostly for its point-and-click games such as the Sam & Max Series, and I know most people hate such games because you can’t exactly manipulate the game but let’s take a look and see why this game is actually good.

This being a point-and-click game I will refrain on spoiling the story too much since, believe it or not, you can actually change the game on some degree. You control Lee Everett, a university teacher turned bad, in a police car as a prisoner talking with a rambling police officer that likes you since you actually accept the fact that you murdered someone and right off the bat you notice the timed RPG chat, as in you have a buddy response, a “meh” response and the anger management response, but with the godly option to actually ignore the person and say nothing. Every person you talk with actually behaves like a human being and takes note of what you say and thinks if you meant that you like them or hate them and more often than not if you decide to end an argument the person you disagreed with might come back and bite you in the rear so while this might be something generic in RPG games its somewhat refreshing for a point-and-click game. Soon enough you wake up in a forest with your knee damaged and with the police officer`s corpse in front of you and this is where the cell shaded graphics are doing a surprisingly fine job in giving a rather eerie look for the game but somewhat annoyed that they are trying very hard to make it more or less a cinematic experience since it takes after the television series with the same name. Of course the game begins to truly shine when you realize you can actually make harsh, no not bad, decisions that can affect your future game-play and there is a big risk to actually die if you are not quick enough, something that should have been in these games ever since flash games used this notion, so it`s not surprising you start to feel a bit of pressure when making those big decisions as opposed to the usual laziness of picking whatever because the story moves on no matter what you do.

In conclusion the game does what it needs to do and I was genuinely pleased with everything, apart from the desire to beat the living hell of a certain child in the game, it really does saddens me that I have to wait for the next episode! Yes the game will have 5 episodes but with only 1 episode released some questions are left unanswered at the moment such as how did this apocalypse start, where is the military with their big guns or why is Lee tripping over all of the time even after he has his leg healed? Find out in the next horrifying episode of “The Walking Dead”.


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