The Ultimate Gamer’s Den

The Ultimate Gamer's Den

So you are finally doing it: you are creating the ultimate gaming den. If you’ve made it to this upper echelon of gamer – a person who has the space and room to accommodate a gaming den while also being obsessed with your habit enough to invest those resources in the area of your dreams – then congratulations are in order. Now, it’s time to actually build that gaming den. There are three components that are going to be extremely important in building this ultimate salute to the technological world. You are going to need the right electronics, the right seating, and the right storage. The good news is, within a few days you could build yourself the gaming center of your dreams. Obviously, all of your friends will be very jealous.

The Electronics

If you are planning an amazing gaming den, odds are you are a big gamer and thus already have all of the necessary electronic components. That said, it never hurts to double check to make sure you are in the right state of mind before you begin building. Miss one of these babies, and it could put a huge damper on the “grand opening” of this man-focused space:

  • At LEAST 1 large (and I do mean LARGE) 3D-Capable Television – you can’t go wrong with more either!
  • Every Gaming Console Imaginable – because the real gamer is one who can master every game and system out there
  • A High-Performance PC Station or Laptop Computer – used either for PC games or for game research
  • HDMI cables – For the best possible audio/visual experience
  • A Fully-Stocked Fridge – because who wants to go to the kitchen for a soda or a snack?!

The Seating

Now that you’ve got your electronics all straightened out, it is time to start thinking about the seating. While dining room chairs are great in other rooms, you are going to want something nice and comfortable for all of those hours of gaming in this room. Consider putting a large, plush couch as the main seating area. Reason being, you may have friends over. A plush, matching recliner and perhaps a gaming chair can also be added for additional seating. A great gaming chair is this X Rocker Pro H3. This little chair has everything a gamer could ever want: it is comfortable, easy to stretch out in, and includes speakers for a great experience. Alternatively, you could opt for a big, soft couch if you plan on having a crowd over on a regular basis. On second thought, get both! You can snag the chair, and your friends will be more than happy with the couch 🙂

The Storage

Seating is important, but storage is an even bigger problem for some who are building a gaming room. First you need something for that massive television you have. Therefore, you’re going to need to consider a larger wall unit. I’d opt for something which gives it a futuristic look that’s suitable for a gaming den! Also make sure there is plenty of space for gadgets and way to make sure that unsightly wires are easily hidden.

You might also want to consider a couple of bookcases for easy storage of games, accessories or memorabilia, and less-used gaming artifacts. Let’s be honest: yes, you bought that high-tech joystick, but you only use it for one game that you barely play anymore. Storing it on a bookshelf keeps it safe yet within reach when you feel like playing the game again. Bookshelves can be purchased for relatively cheap, which is an added bonus.

The Conclusion

Now that you know what you need to make all of your gaming den dreams come true, it is time to start building. Go ahead! The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be done and the sooner your friends can come and drool over the coolest gaming setup they’ve ever seen. What are you waiting for?

Allison Cooper is an editor and writer for Beyond Stores, a retailer of high quality dining room furniture and much, much more! When not working, Allison enjoys planning for new, luxurious rooms in her house where she can do her favorite things just like a true gamer.

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