The Old Republic: Unexpected Server Downtime

Bioware gave apologies to the SW:TOR Community for an unexpected increase of server downtime.

The Star Wars: The Old Republic servers were taken offline because of unexpected maintenance problems due to Bioware’s Latest Legacy Update 1.2.

Status updates of the Developer on the Official Forum of Star Wars: The Old Republic. States that “During last night’s maintenance, some areas of the game were reverted to pre-Game Update 1.2 status. Some areas were ‘missing’ and characters that were in those areas would be unavailable. We took the live servers offline at approx 9:30AM CDT (Austin time).”

The Developer also states that he expects the servers to resume it’s daily routine at US 4:00PM P.D.T.

Other than that. Bioware also said, “Due to the unexpected extended maintenance today, we are going to be offering every player a full day of game time as compensation. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

source: Official Forums

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