The Mass Effect 3 ending and Bioware’s “Artistic Integrity”

So as many of you know, most people on this planet did not like the ending of Mass Effect 3. Many fans have asked for a different ending, such as Retake Mass Effect. However, some people have stated that Bioware shouldn’t change the ending. They say it will ruin gaming as art and it will hurt Bioware’s artistic integrity. People such as MovieBob have been very vocal about this.

However, I don’t think changing the ending to Mass Effect 3 will ruin it. I played Mass Effect 3 the first day it came out, and I thought the ending was horrible. I want the ending to be changed, but I am not concerned that this will ruin art. I have analyzed the statements made and I would really like to say why that this won’t ruin anything.

First of all, in order to say that this will ruin gaming as an art, we first have to look back a bit. Fallout 3 had a pretty bad ending, and people wanted it changed. Bethesda took this criticism to heart, and the team made a new ending with a very nice payoff. So changing an ending to a game has been done before. Endings have also been changed in literature. While I don’t have many examples with me, you can simply look at other articles which pretty much say the same thing I’m talking about. On top of that, though, we have to see that the creators didn’t mind doing this. They did it and then their fans were happy. It’s as simple as that.

Next, I want to discuss Bioware’s “Artistic Integrity”. People are outraged that Bioware would even consider changing the ending to Mass Effect 3. MovieBob stated himself: “Congratulations, “Mass Effect” crybabies. You’ve officially set the entire medium back a DECADE as an art form
Also, Bioware? SHAME on you for caving. You’ve chosen to make coloring books instead of The Mona Lisa.”

I think this is a little harsh, as I’ve previously stated, changing an ending has happened before, and did it do any damage? This is just a big overreaction. I would bet money that changing this ending WON’T harm gaming or its state as art. Another note, however, is that if Bioware had “Artistic Integrity” and if they really loved “their” ending, why didn’t they defend it? Why did they just sit back and take the criticisms without even defending their “art”.

So that is all I have to say on this matter, I would gladly defend a new ending to death, but it seems other aren’t as keen as me. I have seen a great video about this by Jimquistion. I highly recommend checking it out, as it goes over points I may have missed. The link will be at the bottom of this article. Thank you for reading my dull opinion.

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