TES Online will eventually become F2P

Part-time Paid Subscription, Full-time Free-to-Play!

With the recent drop outs of subscriptions of the two leading Massive Multiplayer Online games of today’s generation, World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic saw some dramatic loss to its subscriptions base recently, mainly Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft, a once a marvel of the MMO genre with a whopping 12 million subscribers. Now, 2 million players left the World of Warcraft for good. And even the new blood of the MMO world, Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic lost about 400,000 subscribers in a blink of an eye. (Not Really.) The most hyped MMO that is set to release this year, mainly TERA and Guild Wars might set the final nail of the coffin for World of Warcraft and even Star Wars: The Old Republic.

With all that jazz currently happening, last week saw the announcement for The Elder Scrolls: Online, gone for development since 2007 and it is heading for the PC and Mac. The game will cover the whole continent of Tamriel, yes including provinces that past Elder Scrolls game feature such as Skyrim, Cyrodiil (from Oblivion) and Morrowind. The setting would take place 1000 years before the events of last year’s Game of the Year Skyrim, The world will feature once more an evil villain from the Daedric line of Prince’s which goes by the name of Molag Bal. Its up to the players to save the land from the brink of destruction. Speaking of destruction.. How much can The Elder Scrolls online destruct your allowance every month?

Well, according to Zenimax, the game will launch with a monthly paid subscription model, just like World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic do today. But eventually, according to Nicholas Lovell to his Interview with Edge, It will transition from Free to Play after a month or two of It’s release worldwide.

“I still believe that subscription games are on the way out,” Lovell said. “It is conceivable that Bethesda will launch with a subscription service to attract the early adopters, because that is the model they understand.”

He added, “They will switch to free-to-play later, in the same way that many iOS games go from paid to freemium over their lifetime. EA is struggling with The Old Republic, [but] almost everyone else is transitioning to free-to-play.”

One successful Free-to-Play MMO, The Lord of The Rings Online did transitioned from the Paid Subscription Model to Free-to-Play Model and it became a very popular MMO based on the world Tolkien made. All other MMOS, Including the Legendary Everquest which became Free to Play last March. Transitioned from Free to Play and had decent amount of players in it’s lifespan, Can The Elder Scrolls Online be successful? Or It will flunk just like all Single Player games turned into MMOS? LOTR online proved that F2P games can be successful and very fun. So just maybe TES online can do well in it’s worldwide release on 2013.


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  1. They brag about SWTOR,with its p2p subscription, as if its a major feat they held on until now…players have waaay too many choices with online games now…Guild Wars 2 might be a alright i guess…since you buy it once and you play forever…best idea ever…i just hope it won’t backfire with the profits…

  2. I think thats how WoW do right now. I still support the game though, GW 2 is good. Aaaaaand TES MMO is great, looking forward to it

    By the way its just my comment about my article. lol

  3. I don’t mind paying for it, but, I would rather not. So, I am probably going to still play it right after it comes out, even with the fee.

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