Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Review

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review

Tekken – the game that is known for its lethal blows and deadly fatality moves is back in the market with its next title – Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Developed by Namco Bandai games, this title comes out as the eighth installment of the Tekken franchise and as a sequel to the 1999 blockbuster -Tekken Tag Tournament. So, let’s check out if it lives up to its predecessor titles.

The Game play:

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 gameplay

As arcade-fighting games are not much based on concepts or storylines as such, let’s just directly dive in to the game play section. Similar to its earlier Tag title, the game allows the players to choose two characters as a team and switch between them amidst the fight. When switched, the character with the least energy level starts gaining back the stamina and even at times gives out a flash indicating that the character has now the power to perform powerful moves. As like any other Tekken titles, if the stamina of both the tag team players drains out, they lose the game. Also, the player with the least stamina by the end of the time limit loses the game.

The game has brought in some new features like Tag Assaults that allow the players to perform combined deadly attacks and land lethal blows together on a single opponent. This feature is really interesting as the gamers get a chance to experiment and try out different tag assaults by combining different characters. The game also retains the bound feature from its earlier titles, which allows the players to slam an airborne opponent to the ground and further perform powerful combos.

The Fight Lab:

Now, most of us would want to get right into action as soon as the game begins. But Tekken Tag Tournament 2 doesn’t permit this initially. The game wants the players to try with different characters, practice each moves with precision and timing, perform various combos and then proceed to the fight challenges. For this, the game has added a new mode, which it calls ‘the Fight Lab’. It is more sort of a tutorial than a game mode and asks the players to take up the guise of a combot. This combot can easily master the moves and finishers of any character and is forced to go through some mini tutorials like Fight Lab campaigns to learn the newly added combat styles of the title. This feature is quite commendable, as most of us struggle in the beginning to master the moves or combos as we try to get familiar with the controls. So, an extra point for that!

Once you complete the Fight Lab, the game unfolds itself to offer the action Tekken is known for. With its amazingly crafted fight mechanics and action styles, the game really manages to sustain the feel of the 1994 original. The game has all the old ingredients the players look for in a Tekken such as those 1X, 2X, 3X… punches, combos, mid-air take downs and the conventional defense system.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 also retains the other game modes such as the practice mode, survival mode and the vs. mode. But, what’s really interesting to play is the Pair Play mode that allows players (up to 4) to take up a character of their choice each and tag in/out at their leisure. This mode promises to offer the chaotic fun that arises, when a group of four struggle and fight it out for victory. The game has over 41 characters in the rosters to choose and play with some interesting customizable features.

The Final Word:

The game has a decent graphics where the combat and the combos are smooth and real-time. Though characters look fancy and bizarre, they are still fun to play with. With cool fighting mechanics and enjoyable game modes, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 truly makes an impact. Go for it if you are a diehard fan of Tekken and even if you are not!

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