‘Super Mario 4’ Domain Registered by Nintendo

Will be there a sequel to Super Mario Bros. 3? Well, Last January, Nintendo announced that they are making a 2D Mario game for the Nintendo 3DS respectively. It is also noted that the release date for the 2D Mario game will be on April 2012. No further announcements were made after. Yesterday I stumbled upon a new domain that Nintendo opened. It was ‘supermario4.com’. The publisher did not hide this from anyone, As the domain is currently held by Nintendo America. Do a quick search to see it for yourself. And if you type the address ‘supermario4.com’ you will be directed to Nintendo’s website.

Judging by the fact that this “2D Mario Game” will go to a “3D Handheld console”. Nintendo will be likely to revert this as an “Wii-U” title later on. We don’t know the current status of this.. Yet. All I know is this game will be successful as it’s predecessors did back in the 80’s.

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