Street Fighter X Tekken Review

Street Fighter X Tekken ReviewBeing a somewhat fan of Tekken and Street Fighter I really couldn’t overlook this game no matter how hard I tried, basically ignoring my past experiences with the way crossover gaming is handled. Oh well the damage is done so let’s step in and see why these games appeal only for fans rather than the general gaming population.

You know it’s very hard for me to review a game where the main attraction is basically a modern depiction of cockfights and not that I have a problem with that but it would be nice if the developers would start working a bit more on, out of the top my head, a better reason for these people to actually fight each other. I know that it’s “a fighting game!; you just fight what more do you want?” type of game but that was acceptable during the late 80’s onwards, when you couldn’t afford stories to eat up all your pocket money, but I think we evolved a bit from those days. The plot, as little as it is, revolves around a magic box from space, called Pandora, crashing in Antarctica and the Street Fighter plus the Tekken characters set off on a journey, they all take the exact same path apparently, to retrieve Pandora while at the same time they sense energy flowing through them that determines them to fi-wait a minute, haven’t we been here before? Just replace the fused boss from Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe with this magic box and you get the same results, minus the long cut scenes. The only thing that kept me going in this game is to see the ending of every team when they find the box and I was a bit surprised that only Ryu dies out of all them but that’s not exactly bad considering what PlayStation 3 and Vita players get with “Mega-Man”, I feel sorry for the fans. I guess my favorite team was the Bruce Lee character Marshall Law and his partner Paul Phoenix, both from Tekken, because it was simply fun to take the two deadbeat fighters in the game and see them kick the crap out of every Street Fighter and in case you’re wondering you can pick a street fighter and a Tekken character as your team but you will just get the losers ending, the same goes for picking incompatible teams from the same series such Ryu and Poison or Law and Kuma.

Like I said the cockfights are the main attraction here so let’s delve into the gameplay to see what it has to offer. The game is heavily based on the street fighter combo controls but Tekken characters can retain their 4 button combo’s if they feel like it and in case you are a bit rusty at button mashing or having a difficult time comprehending combo’s the game offers to dumb things down for you by giving you magic gems that will allow to cheat basically. I know it’s a game mechanic but it just seems so childish and you cannot play without them since the game forces you to at least try out sample gems in every fight that work by eliminating a certain weakness your character has, for instance a gem that allows you to auto-block a grab which makes things insanely easy or a shortcut to combo’s. The thing that does shine in this game are the Cross Combo’s, that lets you fight together with your partner, and it was rather fun seeing Paul pin down my opponent while Law delivered the finishing kick and since we are talking about teams again you should take note that picking a Street Fighter team will pit you against Tekken only so the end boss will just be the Ogre from Tekken and vice versa with the boss being Akuma which I had a lot trouble beating with Law and Paul; I won’t go into Pac-Man and Mega-man, that is for you wonderful fans to see and “awe” but I will say this, Pac-Man had it better.

That’s all I can say but I will end by giving my last thoughts on this game, is it good? Yes, but it’s nothing new honestly, like I said they really need to give these fighters a better reason to fight each other and you do have rival battles but it’s just a minor distraction honestly. What’s wrong with doing mini-games for instance, instead of fighting only these people how about making random mobs attack the Street Fighters/Tekken characters in a 3D area that lets you free roam, sounds easy right? It doesn’t have to be the main attraction since it’s just an optional mini-game but if it would get some attention you have a new welcomed game mechanic and lastly story wise would be just as simple really, those aforementioned mobs are soldiers of some Leader that works in the shadows by pulling some strings to make these characters fight each other for some reason and you have admit this is more believable than some space junk controlling them.


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