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Knotas: Founder/Admin/Picture & Content Editor – 24-year-old, a gamer since birth! Knotas evolved as video games did. From the Atari 2600/Commodore 64 era all the way to the current Nintendo Wii/Xbox 360/PS3 era. Knotas is a very well rounded and dedicated old school gamer, preferring older classic games over most of the new crap that comes out.

*Favorites* – Final Fantasy Series, Fallout Series, The Elders Scroll Series, Metal Gear Series, Mass Effect Series, Street Fighter Series

Giga Gamers is my new baby. 
Below are those people who are helping me raise it…


GamerChic: Author/Games Reviewer – A sarcastic english 25 year old and a gamer girl since she was old enough to pick up a controller. From playing Space Invaders up to Mass Effect 3 and owning most of the major consoles. GamerChic has her favourite genres and game series but will play just about anything.

*Favourites* – Final Fantasy Series, Kingdom Hearts Series, Saints Row Series, Mass Effect Series


Mutie: Film Reviewer / Video Contributor – An advocate of screen media, this caustic little Mutant spends his days exploring the realms of video games and studying the worlds of films. With increasing disinterest in a University course in Film Production and with very little to do outside the house, Mutie decided to start writing reviews. He also likes making silly videos, drawing sinister pictures, listening to heavy music and summoning Sheogorath just for a laugh.

*Favorites* – Classic Resident Evil series, Fable series, Legend of Zelda series, Tales of… series , Harvest Moon / Rune Factory series, Elder Scrolls series, Fallout 3, Soul Calibur series.

Todd E.: Author/Games Reviewer – 20 years old from Pennsylvania, he just missed out on the classic game scene of the 80’s. That doesn’t make his passion for gaming any less than everybody else. Primarily a Sony advocate all the way back to the PS1 days, he has rounded out his gaming library to include all the latest from Microsoft and Nintendo as well. He doesn’t judge any genre of game, and plays them all, from sports to shooters and all the rest.

*Favorites*– Mass Effect series, Uncharted series, Baldur’s Gate, Portal 1/2


EHKOS: Author/Games Reviewer – With fifteen years of experience under his belt, EHKOS has dabbled in every genre of video game. While he prefers First-Person Shooters, Platformers, and Racing games, he’ll likely play anything. An odd one, when he was three years old he got his first console and game: A PS1 and a copy of Crash Bandicoot. Preferring anolog sticks to a mouse is just one thing that makes this reviewer stand out.

*Favorites* – Anything by Naughty Dog, Need for Speed series, Sly Cooper series, Ratchet and Clank series


Skeletor: Author/Game Reviewer- A Virginian, who has been playing video games since the Playstation 1. While he only played platformers like Crash Bandicoot for the first couple years of his gaming life, he diversified and now plays video games of any genre or system. However, he is decidedly new school. Most of his favorite games come from the current console generation. However, he does have an appreciation for the classics.

*Favorites*- inFAMOUS series, Fallout series, (excluding Brotherhood of Steel) Deus Ex: Human Revolution , Hitman: Blood Money, Elder Scrolls IV/V and Saint’s Row 2/3.

Rampant Doodle: Author/Game Reviewer – 20 year old Romanian,he has been playing games as early as he could remember. First game ever played was Super Mario on the SNES and from there he slowly but surely got more involved into games of every genre.He prefers games that have a good story behind them mostly but there are exceptions since he seems to have a affinity for classic side scrolling/arcade-games types such as the Rayman series for instance.
*Favorites*– Assassins Creed series,Mass Effect Series,Tekken 6,Soldier of Fortune I and II,Rayman Series
Aldeth: Author/Game Reviewer – I’m a young gamer who started gaming on his older brothers hand-me-downs (NES, SNES) until I was able to buy my own console. I try and find the more obscure games available and am an avid collector of RPGs and Horror games, I personally think that the PS1 and PS2 were better for these types of games. Although I do enjoy every genre (with the exception of sports games, bleh!). As well as video games I also enjoy a good game of Magic: the Gathering.Favourite Games – Realms of the Haunting, Galerians, Forbidden Siren, Civilization and Dynasty Warriors