Splinter Cell Blacklist Preview

Splinter Cell Blacklist

Splinter Cell Blacklist is an action packed adventure game that involves a lot of stealth. The game progresses to a new level with the action approach. Sam Fisher is a young and dynamic hero with great looks. You will identify with Sam Fisher, who is the head of the new unit Echelon 4. He fights for his country and is determined to win. Unleash all the power within you and break every rule to protect millions of innocents from the deadly Blacklist attack.

Few nations around the world have posed a warning to the Unites States to withdraw its forces from the operation. They have created a Blacklist that targets the high profile assets of the Unites States. As expected, Sam Fisher is roped into the project to prevent accidents and to put an end to terrorism. Sam forms a new team with the huge number of resources at hand and jumps into action. The Strategic Mission Interface OS assists Fisher to determine the type of action required at various locations. Though Sam works with the team, he is the only person fighting the nation’s war.

Ubisoft, the publisher and developer of Splinter Cell Blacklist has succeeded in passing on the sense of imagination and power to the player. Sam Fisher is the only man trusted by the President of the United States, hence portraying him with super power and high energy is essential. Blacklist features loads of interesting and new ideas. The game has plenty of intertwined secrets, action, firefights, air support and more. Those of you who have followed the Splinter series may find this one a little noisy. But we are in an era where new approaches replace old ones.

As you get into the heat of the mission you can combat by implementing the idea of killing while moving. These moving options can be changed depending on the scenario. Are you looking for a challenging game? Splinter Cell Blacklist will quench your thirst for challenge. By simply pressing a button, the player can never run around, leap over a barrier or climb over any object if needed. The challenge lies in handling the complicated controls with extreme patience. The importance and focus must be on defeating the enemy.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Preview

The game’s designers have given complete freedom to Sam and have equipped him with a knife and snake cam. He has the ability to handle any situation single-handedly. Although he is capable of performing stunts, the player holds the button to his movements. The player must act quickly based on the situation.  Sam Fisher can torture a man to death and also escape from half a dozen men firing at him. He can call for air support and when situation permits, he can use his snake cam to execute the enemies. He can also disguise himself to get an edge over the enemies.
Fans of Splinter will be pleased to know that Spies versus Mercenaries, the multiplayer mode has found a place in Splinter Cell Blacklist. The game is still on its way to completion. It is expected to be released in 2013, and we will have more to learn.
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  1. Always been a fan of Splinter Cell series and enjoyed playing them either on the PC and consoles. I’m sure this will be another successful relase – can’t wait till 03’13 🙂
    Thanks for nice article with loads of informations.

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