Slightly Sneaky Skyrim

This fell onto my radar not only because it was one of the most sought after and popular games for the end of 2011, but because I just gained my platinum trophy on the PS3. Oh yes feel the power. It’s a similar feeling when you first defeat a dragon in Skyrim, your proudly walk around feeling all high and mighty when you then see a giant.  Haha not a problem for a dragon slayer you call out fiercely.

A few moments later you are booted to the other side of Skyrim flat on your ass either dead or you get to walk away with your tail between your legs. Literally if you chose to play a Khajiit. That is just one of the fun options to take playing Skyrim and let me tell you there are possibly hundreds more, you play it in your own way. If you want to explore the whole map before starting on the main quest after the tutorial level then you can, if you want to just play through the main quest line and do nothing else then you can as well. Though it takes a special kind of person to play Skyrim and not deviate from the main quest line at least once. I personally got distracted by shiny things every time I stepped out into the big wide world of Skyrim.

The tutorial level of Skyrim sets the scene for what the game is going to incorporate, namely big ass dragons and at least 50% of Skyrim wanting to kill you by stabbing you a lot. Or shooting fire into places that should never have fire shot into them. Which would be no place on the body. Anyway! Once you are set free into Skyrim it’s probably a good idea to try and get used to the controls a bit more if you had difficulty earlier. The game is absolutely massive you are never short of quests to do, even just walking around looking at the gorgeous scenery while exploring can steal time away from you. Skyrim’s downfalls include the large list of detrimental glitches and lag on the PS3. I believe most of the issues have been sorted but not everything, Skyrim is still worth a play even with all of the issues it has. It is like having a puppy that keeps peeing all over the house, so annoying but heck you can’t give up on the little darling. I wouldn’t call Skyrim darling exactly, it reminds me more of my ex with all the faults and lack of emotion I get from it. Oh zing.

The controls are easy enough to pick up and the game play at times is fluid but other time seems pointless. The amount of side quests you can pick up by just walking into a town can easily make you forget what you came in to do in the first place. Skyrim is such a big game content wise you can feel lost just reading up on the quests, you can make your own armour, weapons and potions. Not to mention pick pocketing and lock picking for the thief within you. Ah on the note of thieves, try not to throw away any of your thief guild armor if you choose to go down the thieves guild quest line. If you do it’s no big mistake, if you go into the thieves guild base you can find guild armour around the place. I threw my original set of armor away and I just went into the training room and picked up a pair of boots to hand in for a quest later on. If are a fan of the Elder Scrolls franchise then Skyrim is a nice addition and since it has been out some time the price is much lower than when it first came out last year.

It may also feel like you will never get enough gold to buy anything substantial but that comes with time. Buying a horse in the early stages seems a daunting task but I advise you to hold off on that and when you get the chance to proceed with the Dark Brotherhood quest line to receive a very nice gift near the end of it. As far as homes go, save up like crazy and sell what you can. The easiest and probably least time consuming is make a bunch of iron daggers, enchant them with banish and then sell them on. Before that though you may want to level your speech skill to 100. The easy way to do this is by following the steps below. Once at 100 invest in the speech perk Master Trader as every merchant then gains a 1000 increase in the gold they hold. This will make it much easier to sell goods worth a high price.

  1. Head for Riften. A guard will be waiting outside the door.
  2. Bribe, persuade, or intimidate the guard to let you inside. Once inside enter the Black Briar Meadrey. Save your game before continuing (always a good idea when going into uncertain territory in games).
  3. You’re looking for Ungrien in the tavern. Just wait if he isn’t around, he’ll eventually show up at the bar.
  4. Talk to Ungrien, and choose the “Tell Me About…” option. Then choose to Bribe him.
  5. After bribing him, choose the “Tell me About…” option again. Now, instead of trying to Bribe him, try to persuade him.
  6. Choose the Bribe option again, regardless if you succeed or fail trying to persuade Ungrien it doesn’t matter.
  7. Choose the “Tell me About…” option a third time. Then choose persuade again.

Rinse and repeat. It can be a little time consuming but well worth it.

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