Skyrim Dragon Shouts

Keeping with the Skyrim theme I shall dip into the different dragon shouts throughout the game. We all know the favorite FUS RO DAH, but what of the other possibly forgotten and less favorable shouts?

The Dragon shouts or Thu’ um are an arcane form of magic used in Tamriel a long time ago though throughout time they have become lost. There are only a few left in Skyrim who can still perform the shouts but they are few and far between. There are twenty shouts in total that are usable and they require the souls of dragons to unlock them. Every shout needs 3 words of power and 3 dragon souls which are used when a shout is at full power. Each shout has its own effect, one has the power to bring a dragon down to the ground while another lets you sprint for a short time.

Delving into the history of the Dragon shouts, Kynareth the strongest of the Sky Spirits was the first to grant the power of the Thu’um to mortals, though it was Paarthurnax that was the first to teach them how to use the shouts.  During the Dragon War it was the quick thinking and courage of three Nord heroes, Felldir the Old, Gormlaith Golden-Hilt and Hakon One-Eye who conceived the idea of the Dragonrend shout. Using this and an Elder Scroll they managed to cast the vicious dragon Alduin adrift in time, this was enough to turn the tides of the war in mankind’s favor.

In Skyrim there are a number of unusable shouts which only NPCs use such as the Greybeards, Alduin and Tsun. These shouts include Alduin resurrecting dragons from their burial sites,  which is SLEN TIID VO (Flesh Time Undo) and FIIK LO SAH (Mirror Deceive Phantom) used by the Greybeards to summon a clone of themselves for the Dragonborn to practice the shout Unrelenting Force. A full list of shouts and their meanings can be found on the official Skyrim wikia page including some more trivia about the shouts.

Like the Dragon language the shouts themselves are amazing but even more so now with the mod to actually use your mic to shout the Thu’ums and have your character react to them. If you didn’t feel like the great important Dragonborn before, you will once you download the mod for the PC or wait for it to arrive on your Xbox 360.

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  1. Should be using the time to make more new and better shouts for the game, sinces 90% of gamers don’t want to say the shouts out loud especially with people around. Kinect is lame and needs to stop ruining good games, mirrors edge two, fable the journey.. How dumb, not only do you have to use slow reaction motion tech that isn’t even that accurate and fast, but we have to play dumbed down versions of good games that would have been great if the time they spent basing it around kinect was spent only making the games longer and better. I like a controller thanks, i’m sure everyone agrees with me except for toddler “gamers” that get fascinated by good graphics and motion games.

    • Oh I agree with you, I’m not a fan of the Xbox 360 or Kinect. I’m up for trying any sort of game though I guess it’s all about preference for gamers and companies will milk money where they can.

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