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From Open-Source Game to Big-time budget game, Nexuiz is looking to reincarnate the once, legendary genre of video games from the late 90’s to the early 2000’s. The Arena Shooters. Nexuiz will try once more to dethrone the ever popular Military Multiplayer FPS games like CoD or Battlefield. Will Nexuiz succeed to honor the grand-daddies of FPS’s like Quake or Unreal Tournament and revive the long lost genre? or It will just flunk out and we may want to wait for UT 4 or Quake 5 to relive the classic tense action in the arena? Lets find out!

Nexuiz CLASSIC is a well known Open-source game that is very similar to Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament, it only added some lore-ish stuff and new skins, hell even Nexuiz Classic is powered by the ever legendary quake engine. Years have past and Alientrap (The developers of Nexuiz) announced a sequel to rise in 2012 with the same name, only becoming available to the current-gen consoles. The new game is now powered by the powerful engine which names “CryEngine 3” and will try to captivate us with the stunning graphics of Nexuiz with the help of CryEngine 3, lets tackle first the Story…


Don’t be surprised guys, but Nexuiz has infact a story. A Multiplayer-oriented game has a story? WOW! The story goes on like this.. The opening cutscene shows that two of the factions are waging war with each other to the battle arena called “Nexuiz.” The plot doesn’t really affect the game much but It does have a nice touch to the context compartment. The context, however is weak, and I was expecting more about what the hell’s going on within the world of Nexuiz.


As you can Imagine the game really looks good judging from the engine it is based on, which is CryEngine 3. Every bit of texture really does captivate you.. sometimes it just goes overboard and really bugs you out because of the level of eye-candy here is totally off the charts, atleast from my gameplay perspective, I rather set the graphics setting to medium than high. But the environment and the level design looks good, the engine really helped out alot to make the level design look epic, and everything looks great, it looks neat and fresh. Just don’t turn it up to the highest settings if you are not used to it.


Time to flesh out the main aspect of this game, The gameplay, It doesn’t really surprised me though, I know this is going to be a mix of Unreal Tournament and Quake Arena with a little dose of Tribes with it. In multiplayer, the game only allows for 4 vs 4 matches, no not even 12 or 16 or 24, its only 8 people per one game room. There is a bot-training mode where you can test your skills against bots, It has great fast-pace feel into it, So, if your’e a UT/Quake fan, you will really relive the moments that you are fragging people online in UT or Quake. Going back to Nexuiz, the maps are spacious, so there is no camping, or hiding behind walls, or even cowering into boxes. Half of one game match you must be doing some running sessions or trying to frag other players, There are two game modes unfortunately, They are but Simple Team Deathmatch and Simple Capture The Flag. However the variety of maps can make you forgive the lack of game modes and will make you feel fresh after one map to another. There is no such thing as XP leveling or Ranking up, Its all about topping down Frag kills and dominating the battlefield, just like how the classics do it. No overpowered Kill-streak awards, just pure ear gloryness when hearing your enemy got fragged.

The biggest addition to the Arena shooter experience is the mutators, no not the mutator setups like Insta-gib, Vampire or Quad jumps. mutators on Nexuiz is like powerups only better in any way. There are group mutators which one great example is the Jetpack Mutator where when you picked that up, or any one on your team got a chance to pick up a Jetpack Mutator, everyone else gets a free Jetpack with a limited amount of time, There are also Individual mutators like the famous Invisibility. Not only those mutators, there are also funny ones but can definitely help your fragging like Big head mode which is perfect for runaway headshots and heck there is even Pogo mode where that mutator will make you jump nonstop. The most irritating part of this though, In my personal experience, There are also mutators that may ruin your team’s gameplay, for example if an opposing team got the hands of a “Invert controls” mutator which will make your team do some crazy stuff, this leads to different frustration moments and fun at the same time (For some people.) Nexuiz has no rules, that is great. The only advice that the game gives you is to run around and kill enemies.

The lack of gameplay modes and people per room really let me down on this game, But then really lifted my spirit up because of the fun mutators and the variety of maps in the game. (Did I mentioned that this game is available also to the PS3 and Xbox360 consoles? Well, maybe.)


For only 800 MSP/$10? You will get alot from this game, If you are a big fan to the Arena Shooter genre, which Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 made decades/years ago or maybe just want pure action on multiplayer and want to take a break from those fun times with the overpowered kill-streak awards and the tactical squad gameplay, then Nexuiz 2012 is for you. Its only 800MSP/$10 and you will get alot from it. Even though this game is great there are major flaws like the lack of gameplay modes, lack of story context and restrictions to people per game. But yours truly managed to forgive those because of the pure intense action that UT 2k4 gave me years ago and the fun mutators. It is a great game and it deserves an..


Even though this is a great arena shooter game, This is not enough to bring back the arena shooter genre back to the map of gamers. We still need Quake 5 Arena and Unreal Tournament 4 in order to remind gamers that the trend back then was ARENA SHOOTING GAMES!

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