Scarygirl seems to be a cross between Crash Bandicoot 3, God of War, and Alice Madness Returns. It’s an odd combination, and while fun to play it’s not really special. I could describe it as “babies first Tim Burton experience” but it really doesn’t earn the title. It’s weird in all the right ways, sure, but it’s not scary.In fact some of the enemies are downright cute. The first set of enemies are these little blue owls and I almost felt bad for hurting them.

All he wants to do is sleep 🙁

The controls however, are not as adorable. I suppose they did their best considering what they had to work with, but it just shows off how much of a port this is. One thing that really irks me when playing PC ports is that the developers don’t think spending time changing button icons is worth it. This is yet another title that has prompts corresponding to AN XBOX 360 CONTROLLER.

See that big A button? Right there? Yeah, get rid of it.

The camera is OK at most times, able to keep up, smooth. But sometimes it’ll zoom out like God of War does which makes it difficult to platform. I said it takes a page or two from Crash Bandicoot and it kinda does. The way the camera follows you and how some platforms are positions reminds me of both 3, and Wrath of Cortex. You can also glitch your way onto a platform if you’re just a little bit lower than you should be. You also spin underwater and I couldn’t help hearing the underwater levels music from Crash Warped as I was spinning away octopi.

I mentioned that it’s weird, and that’s a good thing. It certainly has most of its own personality besides stealing a bit from Alice in Wonderland. At the beginning of the game you notice a white rabbit who sends you on your way, you have a classic hover move, and collecting gems reminded me a bit of collecting teeth. It’s weird. And that’s also a bad thing. For an original IP not to mention an indie game, the character design is all over the place. There’s this little girl (Scarygirl), who has a tentacle with a pirate hook on the end for one arm, and the other arm appears to be a bone. Stitches around the lips but not actually sewing her mouth shut or doing much of anything, dressed in a pirate getup. Her best friend how is sometimes slightly portrayed as a lover is an octopus, and from what I could gather he seems to have ripped off a tentacle and attached it to the poor child.

The enemies have variety from frogs, to spiders, to yeti children, to goats. Luckily, being an arachnophobe, the spiders don’t look too much like spiders. The combat isn’t anything to write home about, you press D and F and if you mash them nothing is going to severely hurt you. Then all the way over at A you have your grab/throw and right in between them you have Scarymode. It makes you super powerful and you don’t take any damage (I think). I’ve only accidentally activated it when I was trying to grab something and I didn’t really need it. You collect fish to regain health and every once in a while you can completely restore it for a modest amount of gems. (People might think of them as rupes but I call them Zenny) Occasionally you’ll find an octopus salesman(not YOUR octopus mind, a different one) with power-ups and new moves. And in later levels you’ll be fighting octopi. NO I DON’T KNOW WHATS GOING ON WITH THEM, maybe the devs got bored and decided to watch certain internet videos while on break.

Overall, I think Scarygirl is interesting in the fact that I have no clue what the hell it is.

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