Sam and Max 104: Abe Lincoln Must Die! Review

The two crime fighting buddies are back!  And ready to destroy the WORLD!!! Oops! I mean, they are now ready to save the world through wit and crime solving! Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, lets ride shotgun!

Sam and Max is a adventure point-and-click game originated from Lucasart games waaaay back from the 90’s. In the 80’s, however, Sam and Max is a comical series which is created by Steve Purcell, their first game ever was Sam & Max: Hit the Road which at that time, a 2-d point-and-click game. The series is well known for its humor and witty characters, Sam is a talking dog which wears a coat with a tie and Max is a rabbit with a “diabolic” attitude. This series is hailed as one of the best games ever made and at this day, continues to show it’s presence throughout the gaming community, Today, I will show you the Story, will judge the Graphics and Gameplay and at the end expect a final Verdict of this game. As of now, I will be only reviewing the free episode released on Steam made by their new parents Telltale games, which is well known today for the makers of Back to the Future the game, Jurassic Park the game and the newly The Walking Dead game. This episode, Abe Lincoln Must Die! is free to play via Steam. After this review, go ahead to steam and download this free episode! Lets start.


The story of this episode, Abe Lincoln Must Die! starts out after the 3rd episode. Which is included on Sam and Max season 1 “Save the World”. The 4th episode follows the expedition of the crime fighting buddies to save the world from doom as the president drove crazy and commissioned non-sense laws! But then sooner later found out that the president is only being hypnotized by the antagonist group, Toy Mafia and plans to use the president to take over the world. You managed to stop the president though, by punching his head and freed him from the hypnosis, and his head flew from the window and the buddies found out that it’s just a puppet! acting an decoy for the evil villains next plan, and then the evil villains powered up a statue of Abraham Lincoln, they plan out to win Abraham Lincoln as president to continue their diabolic plan to rule the world. It’s up to you to lead Sam and Max to stop the Toy Mafia and save the world!


The graphics is in 3d, not like it’s ancestor which is in 2d. The game has a cartoonish graphics, sort of like Team Fortress 2 graphics with a heavily dosed rainbow. The game’s colors is amazing, The colors blend throughout the world together with cartoonish textures to come with it. Graphical wise? It’s not heavily powerful for as the system requirements of this game is so low, It fits for an early 2000’s game. If you got a old pc, you can run the game with bliss, while retaining the wonderful colors this game gives, However the graphics is not jaw dropping like Battlefield 3 or other heavy duty games. But the colors of the game and the cartoonish look stands out for this game. It blended on the games setting with ease.


The gameplay is easy to pick up and play. Clicking can go a long way if you know what you are clicking at. However, the “Puzzles” and the interaction with other NPC’S can be hard sometimes due to the fact that this game has no objectives tab whatsover. and some tips on the way as you complete your tasks. You can click on anything that has a name on it. example is VCR, Answering Machine and the Desoto (your automobile) And you can interact with those with different options. You must think logically in order to advance in the story. Because some puzzles may puzzle your mind because, to be honest, It took me Sixteen hours to complete the game. And I even didn’t saw every easter egg out on this episode. Bottomline, the control mechanics of this game is easy, just point out on the floor to walk, and point on a object to interact. But the puzzles can be hard for some. The voice acting is great, especially to Max, he got lots of lines that may crack you up or to weird you out.


The game, or the whole series is fun to play, Especially it’s latest season pack “The Devil’s Playhouse.” They now have in total of Three Seasons created by Telltale games and this game can teach you alot of critical thinking, and humor. I give this game a AWESOME badge! Because this game just kicks major @$$. Get this episode on Steam and try it out for free, or buy the Complete Edition which gives you all three seasons, all of them are on steam so go there now! Even though its a adventure point-and-click game, Remember Kids, the adventure genre is still not dead.



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