Sacred 2 Review

Sacred 2 Review

The second game hosted in the Diablo Week, and this is a Diablo clone only made for fantasy freaks who loves dragons and kinky magic! Get ready to horde a lot of Goblins and Dragons as we run down the world of Ancaria!

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is made by an UK-based gaming company “Ascaron.” It Is a prequel to Sacred which sets about 2000 years before the events of Sacred, the prequel has a lot more than Sacred, but does that mean Sacred 2 can top off the Diablo series or It will just stay to the “Diablo Clone” status? Lets find out,


The source which powers life and magic in the world of Ancaria. It was held by the ancient race called Seraphim. However though, overtime they grow sick of it and handed it to the next race who lived on Ancaria, the glorious High Elves, after that, the High Elves now controls the power and life over Ancaria and soon became the dominant race in the whole world.

Two factions from the High Elf race, Nobility and Clergy were battling out to take control the power source that is called “T-Energy,” the other races also tried to take the power source as the High Elf factions were continuously waging war with each other to take it for themselves. After that, the power source breaks down and loses control, that unfortunate event caused cities to break down to crumbled pieces, mutates creatures and renders vast regions uninhabitable. With all of that lies one question, what path you will choose? Is it roam the lands and cleanse it or continue to bring the chaos to Ancaria.

The story for me is a bit average, because of this overused formula of RPG’s nowadays, I am not saying a lot of RPG’s use this format, but I do know some are, “Two Factions + Fighting Over A Object = Plot/Story” I get the feeling that this formula of story is getting a bit overused nowadays. But the good thing here is that its Fantasy, which is perfect for this kind of plot and it got a nice little refined context with it so that’s bonus points for the story of Sacred 2.


The Graphics of Sacred 2 is not the selling point of this game, even though this game was released back on 2009, where games nowadays have great graphics, this one doesn’t quite give a wow factor to it’s quality of graphics, the graphics looks bland, there are some graphical glitches here and there, and it looked a little outdated, The only standpoint of its graphics that I saw was the Colors of the game, the world is very colorful, vast with color detail and the color scheme blends with the environment. Its like they sharpen the colors but not the graphical features like HDR or blur. So the standout of the graphics department is the colors, not the graphical features available.


The campaign will set you out for like a couple of 100+ hours for you to complete, what I mean in complete is that you explored the whole world, fought all kinds of enemies in the game and collecting great loot on the huge world of Ancaria. The world size looks like a giant looting ground, where you can get gold and master equipment while travelling across the world. On the campaign, you can choose if you will take the path of Light, which translates to the good guys and then, the most “well” thought out opposite of the Light side, the Shadow side, where simply just the evil guys.

The game plays out like, you’ve guessed it, Diablo! Loot equipment/items and Kill countless hordes of enemies. Of course, It’s a Diablo clone anyway. But, they added alot of stuff that Diablo didn’t had, for example, Mounts, variety of enemies and a Console Port! (Diablo 1 had a console port to the PS1 but that’s just about it.)

The game has Six classes to choose from, all are which is unique in their way, for example, two of which are exclusive to the two paths you’ve chosen, The Seraphim is only exclusive to the Light path characters and The Inquisitor is only exclusive to the Shadow path characters. The other classes include and can play as the Light or Shadow, like the High Elves, Temple Guardian, Shadow Warrior and Dryad. Those six classes have also have their unique mounts exclusive for them, for example, The Seraphim only uses Saber toothed cats as their mount. The maximum level per each character is at a whopping 200, that’s alot of hours of raiding dungeons! Leveling here is quite addictive, as the skill tree can have alot of branches so that means more thinking out of your character build! The enemy variety here is also the biggest reason why this game is great, I mean. 100+ enemy variation is great! Ranging from Goblins to Zombies to Feral Dogs to Dragons to even Cyclops and Giants!

Ancaria’s size is at a whopping 22 square miles! That’s a huge continent to get a lot of equipment and items to store in your inventory. There are variety of regions to explore in, all which has minimal loading times when transitioning from region to another region. Every region has its own architecture, climate and temperature. That means more variety. NPC’S will behave more realistically through day and night cycles, they transition their schedule from day and night. That means some shops can close at night and merchants will go home at night.

There are a lot of quests in Sacred 2, the main campaign’s quests has 100 quests while the side quests are at a overkill figures of 600 side quests! That includes exclusive class quests and quests that is exclusive to what deity you’ve chosen, If its Light or Shadow.

The letdown of the game is the graphics, bugs, glitches, and the UI for the console ports, the game constantly corrupts your save file, my tip for you is to save often, SAVE OFTEN! Minor to major bugs and glitches from here and there, Graphics looks a little outdated, game freezes if you played Sacred 2 for a long hour period, and the UI for the console ports suck. I mean, you have to map 2 of your equipment to equip it to one of the triggers manually, that means no auto mapping for this game, So it is going to be a hassle if you wish to continue manual transitioning triggers.


In some note, the game has stocked a lot of bugs and glitches, the UI for the console ports suck and the graphics are little outdated from the rest of 2009 games. But those can be forgiven if you take time to master Sacred 2. Its world is rich with lore and context, The world is colorful and beautiful, The variety of enemies are in there, The leveling system is quite addicting in Sacred 2 and the main reason why this game succeeds that it’s a Diablo Clone, only added fantasy elements and mounts. The game is a great Diablo clone so for that I only recommended this to the fans of the genre where Sacred and Diablo falls into, Action Hack and Slash RPGS. And this game didn’t quite threaten the reputation of Diablo, so this game is considered as a solid Diablo Clone. The first game is great also. Did I mentioned the first 2 games has 4-player co-op? LAN or Online, So now go with your friends and journey the world of Ancaria and play it like Diablo okay?

A test copy is used to make this review


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