Rumor: Wii-U Controller Having Analog Sticks

This image suggests that the Wii-U will have a set of true analog sticks instead of nubs.

Earlier, a photo has been published somewhere on Twitter and immediately taken down by a QA tester for Lego developer Traveler’s Tale. The photo featured the Wii-U controller having twin analog sticks instead of pads that the 3DS had.

GameRadar, which firstly published the picture on to their site, also did a quick check to the whole Wii-U controller, they noted that the start and select button were shifted, also they noted that the new square button on the left side of the controller, they do not know the main purpose of that square thingy on the controllor, also the product branding is now present, unlike previous models.

We will know more about the controller and everything else Wii-U related when E3 2012 rises over at Los Angeles.

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