Roundup of Information for Skyrim DLC

Skyrim is a huge game right? With these Info that I gathered throughout the Internet. We can now taste Bethesda’s promises for their DLC. Back then They released a video called “Game Jam” which they showed off the work they did in the first week of Skyrim’s release. We saw Giant Mudcrabs, Fat Giants, New Sneaking Mechanics and more. With these new Info that has been leaked throughout the Internet. I think Bethesda will incorporate the Game Jam’s content through DLC. Or even make new content that is more Epic than the demo video Game Jam. Now, Lets start off.

1. DLC Expansion Info Picture Leak:

What can we know about this Picture. Three Massive Expansions, With the provinces of Hammerfell, Morrowind and Cyrodiil. All of which are Big. The info that I roundup from that picture below:

“The Riders of Hammerfell”

  • New Landmass: Adjacent Hammerfell Province
  • Main Quest: Guild of Dragon Riders
  • New Mounts: Dragons that has the ability to Shout, Mammoth, Bear, Sabre Cat and Wolf
  • New Armor, Weapons and Spells
  • New Companions that will join you on your Adventures
  • New Side Quests

Morrowind Expansion

  • New Landmass: Somewhere in Morrowind
  • Main Quest: About Werewolves
  • New Ability: Shapeshift to other Animals
  • The Frostcraig Spire
  • Oh, and HORSE ARMOR!

Cyrodiil Expansion

  • New Landmass: Somewhere in Cyrodiil
  • Main Quest: Waging war with the Thalmor

2. Dawnguard

If you ever played The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. You will be familiar with the Picture above. Mythic Dawn is a cult group from TES IV: Oblivion that is associated with the Daedric Prince of Destruction, Mehrunes Dagon and the Oblivion Gates. What relation do this have in Skyrim DLC? Well, Months Ago, Zenimax, The parent company of Bethesda Game Studios. Released a trademark for “Dawnguard” with the description of:

“Computer game software for use with computers and video game consoles; downloadable computer game software offered via the internet and wireless devices”

The name itself is also Elder Scrolls Like. “DAWNGUARD”  Thus bringing speculations in the Internet that this will be also a part of the promised info for The Elder Scrolls Skyrim DLC. Months ago also, I made a quick search in UESP “Dawnguard” and nothing brought up in the search results. Luckily through searching the internet. I got results, people are talking about the Mythic Dawn making a return to the Craggy lands of Skyrim and will have Intentions on opening a Oblivion Gate there, Some say that the last parts of the Mythic Dawn cult is scattered in Skyrim and Dovahkiin must exterminate them. It’s no surprise. (To me at least) We can loot in Skyrim some Mythic Dawn Equipment like the Robes and Gloves. So I do believe this will be a upcoming DLC for Skyrim with the quest line related to the Mythic Dawn Cult.

3. Screenshot Released by Bethblog via Twitter

This is the latest Information that I got and This Picture tells something. Either its a part from the DLC Info that I mentioned in Number One or It’s a Teaser for Fallout 4. Judging by the Fact that this Screenshot has a Fallout-ish look to It. As you can see the man is talking with someone, Check the right side of the Picture. He may portray a huge part of the DLC explained on Number One or Maybe he will be also go in Fallout 4. There is no current announcement with this Picture though.

Edit: This picture was indeed a teaser for the other game Bethesda will be publishing. Dishonored. I saw the trailer and it reminds me of a certain picture. and that’s the picture from Bethblog! The trailer for Dishonored is now up on Machinima. Go ahead and watch it.

What do you think about this Information above? Do you think Skyrim needs this or Bethesda must stick to patches rather content?

Sources: vehq and Bethblog’s  twitter

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