Review of Monster High Ghoul Spirit Wii Game

Review of Monster High Ghoul Spirit Wii
The Monster High Ghoul Spirit game for the Wii is based on the best-selling range of Monster High dolls and the popular website. The franchise itself is now only second to Barbie and is still rapidly growing in popularity as it was launched as recently as 2012.

So, what is the game like and what makes it so much fun for Monster High fans?

Aim of the Game

The aim of the game is to create your own Monster High character and then go around the school completing tasks for the other monsters that you meet. As you complete more and more tasks your reputation will increase and this means that you can be in the competition for the Scream Queen title. You will find out if you have built up a good enough reputation to be the Scream Queen when you go to the Terror Under the Sea Dance where the queen will be revealed.

When you are creating your own monster you will be able to choose your hairstyle, clothes, skin colours and overall style with the aim of looking the best in school. During the game there are multiple choices to be made which can change the course of the game as you go along. This means that each time you play you should not have the same game over and over.

Good Points about Ghoul Spirit

It is good fun creating your own character as you get to let your imagination run wild. You can even come up with a freaky flaw for your character –just like the kids have at Monster High. Building your reputation can be interesting as you are able to pick and choose the tasks that you complete. So as you are going along your reputation will depend on what you choose to do and if you can complete the task you have been given. If you have a DS you can take a photo of yourself and upload it to the game which makes it more personal and adds an extra touch of fun.

At the end of the game the Terror Under the Sea Dance is a lot of fun and even better if you are able to get the Scream Queen title. So if you feel like competing for this try out Ghoul Spirit.


For some children the mini games that are in the form of tasks can be a little too easy, but this doesn’t apply to younger children. Also the size of the game is less than you might expect, particularly if you are into playing Wii games that have lots of levels which are packed with smaller games.

It is worth noting as well that to play the game you do need to be able to read – therefore for very young kids it’s not suitable.

Our Evaluation

Overall, however, this game will certainly appeal to Monster High fans as it is easy to understand and does not go on for too long, which is good news for younger players who do not always have the patience to keep on with a role-playing game that can last for hours and hours.

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