Resident Evil 6 for PS3 Review

Resident Evil 6 ps3

Capcom’s flagship gaming series is back with its sixth installment titled Resident Evil 6. The game hit the market in the first week of October and is available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and soon on PCs. It has been titled Biohazard 6 in Japan and is expected to offer some chilling gaming experience (as always). So, let’s check out if it lives up to its hype.

The Storyline:

Resident Evil 6 Storyline

This title attempts to bring out the brutality of bio-terrorism and its aftermath and begins after ten years from the Raccoon City incident. The President of the United States of America finally decides to confess the truth behind the Raccoon city incident that can unfold a series of bitter consequences. Supporting the President are his closest friend and the Raccoon City survivor Leon and Helena Harper – the United States Secret Service Agent. Unfortunately, the confession venue turns into a multitude for another bio-terrorist attack resulting in the transformation of the President into a mutant. Now, Leone has to take the most difficult decision of all – whether to kill the president or quarantine him.

Also, the game’s plot revolves around Chris from the Bio-terrorism Security Assessment alliance and his team reaching a Hong Kong based city of Lanshiang, which is already under a bio-terrorist attack. Realizing that no country, no place and no zone is no longer safe from the outbreaks, the world loses its hope and faith. It’s now up to the players to endure and restore peace and hope to the fading world.

Game play:

Resident Evil 6 Game play

Capcom’s attempt to establish Resident Evil as the biggest action game ever is achieved partially in this title. The game has seven protagonists who play through four campaigns. Instead of streamlining the four scenarios and storylines into a single campaign, the developers have opted to fragment them into individual plots and storyline with a different ending each. These four different concepts then integrate from various perceptions into one final storyline. But, one major issue that lies in this narration technique is its redundancy. Certain levels demand repetitive playing as they are again told from another perspective. Also, it is the cut scenes and in game dialogues that tend to unfold the storyline and not the game play.

However, Resident Evil 6 sustains the thrills and chills that it is known for. Those deep sense of anxiety and fear that lurk behind our minds, as we traverse through the dark and partially visible visuals have been brought out again in this title. The in-game creatures and enemies are mightier and scarier than ever and include zombies and the newly added J’avos. Also, the game has added some notable inclusions such as the cover system that allows players to take cover and attack, the gun-while-you-run controls and the health recovery tablets. All these signify the company’s intension to adapt the modern trends in gaming.

The game’s online mode now allows the players to hop in and hop out of the game anytime they want, which is contrary to its earlier titles. The title also retains some of its other online game modes such as the Mercenary mode and the Agent Hunt mode.


Resident Evil 6 Graphics

Capcom’s biggest strength lies in this part. With some brilliantly designed environment and creatures, the game looks near-to-perfect. Zombies are faster and massive than before and there are some creatures that spawn zombies against the gamers as well. Such concepts and designs truly act as a catalyst to the chillness of the game. Moreover, the environment and the locales with their deep, dark and unclear lightings bring out the scary-sensation of the game. Overall, the game is stunning in aspects of graphics and visuals.

The Bottom Line:

Resident Evil 6 The Bottom Line

Though the game is fun to play and offers the adrenaline rush as intended, the game looks redundant in most parts, thanks to its repetitive game play. However, the true-to-life visuals and depiction of bio-terrorism and its aftermath make you forget about the minor issues in the game. So, go for it if you are in for some merciless action packed survival horror game. Thumbs up!


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