Resident Evil 4 HD

OK OK! I guess I’m not just a game reviewer for this site, I am the resident pundit/ gaming politics writer, so get used to it.Resident Evil 4 HD

I am not the first person to state the fact that eighty percent of the time Capcom are total idiots. Trashing Legends three, screwing up on simple box art spellings, Resident Evil 5, Street-Fighter X Tekken. Gosh it seems like they shouldn’t even be in business anymore doesn’t it? But every once in a while, when the planets align, Capcom delivers a revolutionary game that hits the hall of fame to stay in gamers memories filed under “classics”.

Of course, almost every studio has this problem nowadays, and if I took off my nostalgia goggles, I would probably admit that it’s always been this way. But the best I can compare Capcom to right now, is Sega and Sonic Team. Heck, you spin around in circles in a pitch black warehouse with a 120 round LMG holding the trigger until it goes click, sure you’ll cause a lot of damage but you’re bound to hit something important. Resident Evil 4 got it straight in the chest.

I am the best character in this game and all I do is overcharge and flash you.

I’ll say this, in the village, the game looks kinda like shit. But that’s what you get when you use 2-d backdrops and don’t update them when you convert to HD. Honestly, take more than five seconds on this kind of thing. But it doesn’t impact the gameplay much, and that’s reflected in RE4’s holding one of the top spots on PSN’s full game downloads for months.

The game is fairly linear, the dialogue is complete crap but I would be shocked if a Resident Evil game came up with anything compelling to come out of anyone’s mouth besides “What’re ya buyin’?”  Not to mention someone was on some serious drugs when they designed the controls, HOL-Y. CRAP. One day I really should publish “The Sacred PS2 Control Schemes” because these dunces used square to fire, R1 to aim, and triangle to…actually I don’t remember what triangle does at the moment. But they also use the controversial Batman Arkham ACity (yeah you try saying it right the first five times) X to run. Though that doesn’t bother me too much. Despite ALL of this, it’s a great control scheme once you get used to it. And the game does provide a nice challenge, ammo limitations, a complex health system, and about as much space in your inventory as Pokemon Yellow.

Grabbed this off the internet, I have no clue why the dude has no money at this point in the game.

There are quick time events in the worst places, and a really frustrating puzzle, the media puts way to much focus on one Ada Wong, and I shit you not, there is this weird, creepy little old midget who has no place in the game. I have no idea why he’s there. I guess he’s a lieutenant henchman for the big bad but Saddler could have chosen ANYONE else for the job. But somehow I like him.

The plot is pretty convoluted and doesn’t really belong in a Resident Evil game, after all there isn’t really a zombie in the game. They sure do act like it though, until you point your pistol four inches from their face, then they do a weird little dodge thing that looks more like a bad dance move. But there we go again, your host’s favorite part of video games, ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Once again, it’s the small things that count. Anyway, somehow South American villagers got a hold of the President’s daughter, and I assume it’s the US presidents but now that I think about it they might have meant Umbrella’s CEO, it’s never clear. But there IS an infection so I guess that’s why it’s part of the Biohazard series.

Onto what’s changed in the HD version, they did add trophy support sans the platinum, and they missed the opportunity to ADD IN THE BONUS CAMPAIGNS. If I liked the Silent Hill series I would probably be very disappointed when they took out the Born From a Wish side story in their disaster HD release, what with the missing fog and whatnot. Luckily for Konami, I don’t like Silent Hill, partially because I lost a very good pair of underwear to the series, but mostly because it simply doesn’t interest me, much like MGS. In fact I also think Hideo Kojima should be given millions of dollars and a director’s job for a complete CGI movie epic, because while I bore of half his games I highly appreciate his work. (free T-shirt plz?) But yeah, other than that, same game, go buy and have fun, and if you get curious, no RE5 is NOT related to, or in anyway as much fun as it’s predecessor. So please, as a public service announcement, STAY AWAY.


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  1. There was another control scheme for the game you could choose that allowed it to be like the more traditional shooter. Or at least more like RE5’s controls. Although they still use X to run and turning is still laborious.

    • Yeah, but the first one did work very well after a while, and it wouldn’t be playing RE4 without the default nowadays 😀

      • RE5 was my first so the second felt more at home. Though I know what you mean. I used the old control scheme when I first tried the game at my friend’s on the PS2. Took a while but I was eventually shooting like a boss. 😛

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