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 Who ever thought that it would take only 8 years for Ubisoft to be kind enough to release another Rayman game that involves him, his friends and, best of all, no rabbids in a good old 2d side scrolling platformer.

For those that never heard about the Rayman series it’s nothing out of the ordinary, it portrays the limbless Rayman as the protagonist in a world that is dreamed up by the Bubble Dreamer that is held together by kings and beautiful trashy Nymphs, along his travels Rayman befriended the mighty Globox, the big blue…thing that has the loudest snore in the land and eventually an entire community of big nosed ninja dwarfs called the Teensy. This makes absolutely no sense you say? No problem because this is where Rayman Origins was supposed to sit down and explain things over to us, I said “was” because the developers thought at some point that logic in a Rayman game would be too much for our brilliant minds to handle so they decided to make It a sequel to the main series with a last minute plot about Rayman and his friends making too much noise and something about an old lady from the pits of hell rising up to wreak havoc upon the land with her minions.

You know by the way I said it you would be surprised that this is actually a game intended for kids but that was because I was trying to make sense of it all whereas the whole point in this game is to lose all sight of reason and just have a good time and surely the game manages just that simply by the way it presents itself in a cartoon world where almost everyone speaks pig latin and people with a grumpy face are doomed to live with the old lady.

Presentation and story aside let’s look at the gameplay; it has everything you would expect from a side scrolling platformer game but with a Rayman twist to it. You go from point A to point B in the most demented fashion possible with the world shaping as you move towards the ending and discovering secrets along the way. In every world you get a new power by saving the earlier mentioned beautiful trashy Nymphs from the mouth of some random monster, not surprising they got caught that way considering how they look, and conveniently enough the first Nymph you save grants you the power to attack because Rayman and his friends now need divine intervention to be violent and more often than you might expect you will have 2 ways to handle a situation. There is the easy way, as in to just go ignoring everything, or the awesome way, you perform a hard but rewarding obstacle course, and no need to worry about lives because they never run out and you die in one hit or two if you have a heart following you around. The reason behind that being that while the game is easy as you start it gets gradually harder as you go on with the game eventually taunting you for “bubblelising” too much, yes Rayman and his friends inflates like a balloon and explode, and it has optional challenges available as well; you can either go to a bonus level in each world to collect teeth for the grim reaper which will allow you to enter the land of Livid Dead, where the old lady lives, or replay levels in order to beat the best time and in turn acquiring more rewards.

I never really understood, and this may be the game’s greatest flaw, as to why they they never made it possible to play online, I mean they even promoted the game as an enjoyable multiplayer game where up to 4 players can join in and smack each other or co-operate in order to finish a level. One last thing worth noting are the controls on the PC because even though on the consoles  Ubisoft made sure that every death is your fault, pc users will experience a little bug that will prevent them from moving diagonally or rather it will stop them in place even in midair. This isn’t exactly a game breaker because other than punching upwards you can manage by just going forward and jumping.

In conclusion if you are searching for a casual game to enjoy with your friends, family or you just want to play something other than  Mario by all means get this game otherwise stay away from it.


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