Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

Normally this kind of game would come highly recommended with caution as to everything but the gameplay. And I’ll admit that the graphics are a little underdeveloped, and the story is a comfortable coach ride approaching the Taggart Tunnel disaster. But all this can still be rectified if only we had a Dagny capable of standing up and risking studio resources on a sequel.

The physics are loads of fun, and this game does one of the things I love about video games. It turns you into a superhero. You are Nick, a man with amazing psycho-kinetic powers. We’re going to go and pull a Sly Cooper theme here and go after a group of people with different specializations who have somehow wronged you and along the way you are going to learn amazing new powers unlocking new ways to defeat your enemies. The first power you’ll receive is telekinesis and my goodness is it a ball. No seriously, you get to throw wrecking balls at people. This is the most well done power I have ever gotten to play in a video game. And it does need some work still. They made a PC port later on and I cannot warn you enough to stay away. As ports go, this one takes all the clichés. Bad textures, terribly optimized controls, and a host of bugs will get in the way of playing god.

As for the group, you have a man who looks like Ozzy Osborne who can control minds,

Mr. Crowley, what went on in my head?


a giant black man in a very nice business suit who can throw trains with his brain, a chinese woman with a mastery of illusions, and an insane recluse with the ability to remotely view the world while riding shotgun in others heads. (And missed a golden opportunity to start a psychiatric practice) While on your way you’ll also get to utilize some basic hardware like pistols, automatics, and shotguns during your third-person adventure. While not boring, they’re really only there for support. Who needs bullets when you can pick dudes up with your mind and repeatedly throw them against a wall until all their blood leaks out? I remember this as a great stress reliever in my teen years, as well as a gem that I will never forget.

Onto the powers, besides picking anything up from a crate to an explosive tank, you can also suck up psychic energy from foes like some kind of…psychic….mind vampire. And just like a vampire, if you take too much, the host will die. Except their heads will explode…am I having too much fun with this? Before I’m done with telekinesis, one more thing. Unintentional at first, the devs were able to create TK-surfing.










You can stand on most objects and lift them up, effectively using them as portable platforms. Other powers include pyro-kinesis, which allows you to set enemies on fire. Remote viewing, which means you can exit your body and check around corners for enemies. Mind- control, of course, and the ability to see beyond this reality’s constraints, much like a Malkavian.

This game is tons of fun, if not for the cliffhanger ending that has never been resolved. It’s one of those games where you can just mess around with it for hours without caring too much about the story, instead just sitting back and having fun murdering a bunch of dudes. (seriously I’m not a psychopath)

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