Prototype 2 – In Hyde’s Sight

You know, I’ve been looking back and so far, I’ve only helped games get noticed. I think it’s high time to tear a bad game down in front of everyone, and help you avoid a crappy experience. Enter Prototype 2.

If you played the first Prototype you’ll be familiar with the way the game progresses. YES. You must infiltrate bases by consuming someone with enough credentials, wreck the place, and escape. Maybe if you’re lucky you get a little bit of cut scene telling you the same thing. Keep doing what you’re doing and eventually something big will happen. It’s monotonous, repetitive, and boring, and it does not help motivate the player to keep playing which is a very bad thing for a video game.

Instead of Alex Mercer, the dev(il)s saw fit to swap out characters even though Mercer is now strong enough to take down Gentek by himself. Now we get to control James Heller, a military sergeant, tough-as-nails commando transformed into a monster by Gentek. And now he has to jump through the same hoops as Mercer did back in the first game. I’ve heard this game get compared to inFamous a lot, and Radical must have heard it too, because they ripped off one of inFamous 2’s endings.

Transportation in this game is 50/50. On the one tendril, you can run and jump and run up skyscrapers which is pure enjoyment. On the other hand, if you want to go airborne, you’re mostly out of luck. The gliding is not gliding, it’s falling with style. And falling with style is plummeting to the ground bleeding from your ankles and wrists like an overzealous emo with too many razors on his bloody hands.

The open worldness of this game is what drew me into the first one, and it tries to make you feel invincible. And you will be if you use a Trainer. There are so many small enemies and giant hulking monstrosities that your health will fall quicker than your gliding. If you’re going to give us superhuman powers, then make us feel like a super hero. What’s the use of having super strength when you keep getting knocked down or cornered before you can pick up a car to hurl?

Upon retrospection, I noticed I had no idea who the developer was and what their background pertained to. OH. I knew it. These are the bastards who turned Crash Bandicoot into a mentally challenged racist wombat who ruined the 90’s generations’ childhood. Oh boy am I going to enjoy this.

I’m going to pull a few quotes off Wikipedia  and go over them.

Yeah this cover isn't similar at ALL

#1To give gamers more power in the game, the developers have added tendrils. Tendrils sprout from Heller’s arm and can be used for a variety of purposes.

The tendril is just the tentacle from the first game, and will basically attack the same way unless you hold the button down which causes mini tendrils to branch out to grab objects and then retract, crushing the target.

#2When the player picks up a person, the game will no longer automatically kill them, starting a combat sequence, Radical has tweaked this to become a useful tool, an intimidation factor.

Yeah, sure. Like how I could pick people up in the first one and not auto-kill them? I seem to recall plenty of times when I grabbed an old man and carried him up a skyscraper to drop on his wife.

#3Radical has stated that the powers will be more meaningful.

Uh-huh, you copy-pasted the claw power as fast as I did that quote.

At the end of the day, this game is a disappointing re-skin of its predecessor. It looks the same, plays the same, and feels the same. In fact, you could save yourself $60 and replay the first, and nothing of value would be lost…..PANCAKES!

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