Pokemon Black and White Pokedex Rundown

Welcome to EHKOS’s Black and White Pokedex rundown! Here I will explain some of the most useful Pokemon in the 5th generation, and help you decide which Pokemon to have on your team. All Pokemon will be talked about in their final evolution because it wouldn’t make sense to describe their lower forms as well.

#497- Serperior
Honestly, this is the weakest of the three starters for the Unova region, so
underpowered I don’t even see why they included it. It’s stats are low for a
starter, and while it’s moveset is decent, it doesn’t really have to power to justify it. I think of picking starters as picking a difficulty level. Pick this if you want a challenge.

#500- Emboar
Now this is what I’m talking about! Decent HP, ATK, and Defense, this is a
more balanced starter. While a good choice, there is a much better fire type that you can grab after the third city, so you should be good until then.


#503- Samurrot
The middleman of gen 5 starters, Samurrot is a decent water type to have
considering there aren’t many GOOD water types in Black and White. As far as water types go, it’s moveset isn’t the greatest, but it’s a good pokemon to have if you want a balanced team.


#521 – Unfezant
Unfezant is the type of Pokemon that looks dull, has low defense, but still serves a purpose. Unfortunately there aren’t many flying types early in the game, so I’d make this your HM slave for the time being. I’ve never liked bird Pokemon anyway, they never seem to last long in battle. If you know how to play bird Pokemon, then this might be worth the catch, but otherwise, I would leave this one be.


#523- Zebstrika
Zebstrika’s moveset is great, and it’s a cool looking Pokemon, unfortunately
that’s where the awesomeness stops. It’s got an average ATK/SP. ATK and a
terrible defense/ SP. defense. Shame, it would have made a great electric
Pokemon. Aw who am I kidding? There are so many good electric types this is just a drop in the bucket.


An average ground type moveset, most ground Pokemon can learn most of
these moves, but Gigalith is a soild tank if you’re into those, and has a great
ability to annoy the ever-living crap out of your opponenets. Sturdy gives you a
pass if you’re hit hard enough to make it faint on the first turn. You’ll cling to
one HP. If you want one of these on your team, you’ll either have to buy a
second DS and cartridge, or have a friend who’s willing to help you evolve the
damn thing. Nintendo most of your fanbase don’t have friends! ….I had a lonely


#530- Excadrill
People tell me all the time this Pokemon is way overpowered, but I don’t really
see it. Limited to normal Attack and Defense, if this thing get’s hit with a super
effective special-type move, it’s gone. Using the speed and 1hit-KO combo
makes it a decent sweeper if you’re lucky, but it can take a couple turns to set up
if you want it to be more effective. I will say that Excadrill does have a lot of
type resistences, but it’s still not as amazing as everyone says.


#534- Conkeldurr
Conkeldurr is an interesting Pokemon based on its sprites and evolutions, but
it’s just a normal attacker of the fighting type. Sure it’s powerful but it’s special
defense is so weak it’s yet another glass cannon, and with no speed advantage,
this Pokemon won’t last long on your team.


#537- Seismitoad
This is a nice, rounded water/ground type with decent resistence. It’s a good
Pokemon to have on your team, although its natural and TM movesets aren’t
anything to get excited about. If you’re more of a strategest than a Seto Kaiba
(all out power) then you might wanna pick this one up.


#538/539 Throh/Sawk
This fighting duo, at first look is slightly confusing. It’s another ying/yang, but Sawks trade-off is…unique I suppose. I don’t really see why you would prefer Sawk over Throh, with the latter more balanced and having decent defense.


#545- Scolipede
Scolipede is nothing special and a pretty weak bug type. If you pick this one up
early, it will be useful up to about level 40, so if you are the type to switch out
Pokemon halfway through your adventure, go for it. But don’t expect this to
stand up to the elite four.


#553- Krookodile
I really don’t like this ones moveset. TM’s will come in handy if you want one of
these ground/dark types on your team. As far as stats go, this one’s a keeper,
but of all the moves that it can learn naturally, I’d only keep two. Earthquake
and Crunch. It looks cool, it’s got a cool name, but don’t expect this thing to
excel to far in PvP.


#555- Darmanitan
My team’s personal star, this thing will tear anything apart if you train it right.
Darmanitan has a MASSIVE attack stat, if you do everything right, at level 100
the maximum it reaches is 416. Now there are two paths you can take, one path
will increase your attack even more to the point where it can take down water
types of the same level. The other path switches it’s normal and special stats
when it’s at half health, and adds the psychic typing allowing you to switch
tactics without switching out a Pokemon. However, if you go for the ability
Sheer Force, Darmanitans Fire Punch will negate it’s chance to burn for a 20%
attack increase. Now add a charcoal, flame plate, etc, and that’s now a 40%
increase to an already massive attack stat, not to mention STAB. (same type
attack bonus) Give Fire Punch some PP Up, add Belly Drum, Rest, and
Hammer Arm or Flare Blitz and you have a super power.


#561- Sigilyph
I’m really bummed about this Pokemon. Game Freak may have heralded a new
generation, but they really didn’t pack in as many powerful Pokemon in it as
previous gens. Sigilyph has so many weaknesses that it off-sets it’s decent stats.
Its natural movepool is full of useful moves, and its speed will help you set up,
but an attacker it is not.


#565- Carracosta
Once again, we have a well balanced water-type. With more resistants than
weaknesses, and packing a high defense stat, you now have yet another canidate
for your teams water position. Have fun with your new tank.



#567- Archeops
You’re gonna need a few TMs if you want to use this Pokemon to its full
potential. A devestating attack/ SP. attacker, with enough speed to make it
count, but it’s tripped up by it’s large amount of type weaknesses and low
defenses. If you need a flying type more than a water type, pick the Plume fossil.



#569- Garbodor
A decent moveset and rounded poison type, unoriginal is this Pokemons biggest
weakness. Not enough people give Garbodor a chance, and it’s a good Pokemon
to have if you like poison types. It won’t take down the Elite Four, but it can be
useful more early on.


#576- Gothitelle
As with most Pyschic types, a good movepool is a must. But I must say I was
disappointed that it wasn’t part dark. It would have made Gothitelle a force to
be reckoned with. You’re looking at a special attacker/ defense, which is good
because most types damage it normally. There are plenty of stronger Pokemon
that deserve a spot on your team, but if you want a psychic type, you can’t go
wrong with one of these.


#587- Emolga
Resistent to a good five types and weak only to two, Emolga might seem like a
great electric type. This assumption is reinforced by a look at it’s natural and
TM movepool, but unfortunately not the case. Emolga is held back by it’s lower
than average stats and terrible defense. If you can use its speed to its advantage,
then you may have a decent Pokemon on your hands, but not a good electric


#596- Galvantula
I always like a Pokemon with Signal Beam, and Galvantula is an interesting type
of electric/bug with its only two weaknesses being rock and fire. However, it’s
got the same base defnse stats as Emolga. Still, it has better HP and SP. attack
so if you want an electric type, I suggest Galvantula over Emolga.


#598- Ferrothorn
A unique type combination with a staggering ten resistences, Ferrothorn is an
excellent tank and decent attacker. With a base speed stat of 20, you’re going to
need the extra armor, but I highly reccomend you save a spot on your team for
this one.


#601- Klinklang
An onomatopoeia of the sound of gears falling all over the floor, this is the best
electric type of this generation excluding legendaries. Which is suprising since
it’s pure steel. With eleven resistances and good defensive stats, Klinklang is
definately my electric type of choice, not to mention it’s great movepools.


#604- Eelektross
The most balanced electric type of this generation, Eelektross is slowed mostly
by its crappy moveset. Thunderbolt and Crunch are your best options to keep,
teaching it Thunder and either Flash Cannon or Charge Beam through TMs.



#609- Chandelure
Most people swear by this Pokemon, and I can see why. Low HP is off-set by
high defenses, and its SP. attack is something to contend with. Not to mention
its typing stops most physical attacks in their tracks. Five weaknesses isn’t
great, but if you play smart, you should have no problem taking this fire/ghost
type all the way to the end.


#614- Beartic
OH MY GOSHHHH can we get an ice type that isn’t legendary and still holds its
own in battle?! Beartic has a nice attack stat but only one move that benifits
from STAB AND is physical. It’s SP. attack is average but has a lot of moves to
back it up. Beartic is only resistent to ice and weak to fire, steel, rock, and
fighting. I want to like this Pokemon but it could have been so much better.


#625- Bisharp
Bisharp is a good physical Pokemon with a dark and steel typing with
immunities to poison and psychic. It’s also resistant to nine types and has
balanced defenses to counter its low HP. With its resistences, high attack, and
average speed, Bisharp can be a very dangerous Pokemon, and a fun one to play
around with.


#626- Bouffalant
When I first saw this Pokemon I was really excited to use it. Mainly a physical
Pokemon, Bouffalant also has a good SP. defense making it a great tank and
damage dealer. It even has its own signiture move called Head Charge, or
Afrobreak in Japan. The downside to this Pokemon is that being normal, it’s
damaged normally by almost everything and resistant to nothing. It is immune
to ghost though. There isn’t much more to say besides I highly reccomend this

#628- Braviary
This is a good flying type but it won’t do you much good. You can only catch it so
late in the game that it won’t be very useful to you, escpecially if you hate
grinding. If you’re willing to grind this one up, it may have a spot on your team,
but there are much better Pokemon that deserve a space too.


Well, there you go, I hope I’ve taught you something, or helped you decide just which Pokemon to put on your team. If you need any more Poke-advice be sure to drop by the forums and ask!


All pictures from Serbii.net


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