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You may love playing the game and becoming the character, but with these sweet tees, you can now go one step further and wear your favourite character, showing everyone your love for the game without having to print out your own T-shirt transfer!

For all you 90’s kids, you’re sure to remember the classic second instalment in the ever-popular Tekken fighting series, which was first released in arcades in ’95 and later released to Playstation gaming consoles in 1996. Remember the awesome feeling you got when Heihachi defeats Kazuya and then flees via helicopter as the volcano erupts? Well, you can reminisce and wear your pride in American Apparel’s Heihachi tee, created by Leviathan at Not only is this tee made of 100% cotton and available in sizes Small to XXXL in either slim or basic fit, but you can also rock it in black or white as well as any other colour under the sun (red, blue, yellow, orange, etc.)!

Borderlands 2, a space-Western first-person role-playing shooter game published by 2K Games is the sequel to the original Borderlands game. In this version, four new shooters fight to free Pandora from the authority of Handsome Jack, the dazzling, alluring and utterly wicked CEO of the Hyperion Corp. Let everyone know Pandora has been saved in American Apparel’s Borderlands 2 logo tee, designed by Jolteon at

Skyrim (The Elder Scrolls V) is an action role-playing game which takes place in an “open world” that was developed by Bethesda Softworks as a fifth instalment, taking place 200 years after the previous game, Oblivion. As your character efforts to defeat Alduin, a dragon who is prophesized to destroy the world, you explore the land at will, with the option to ignore and/or postpone the main quest for as long as you wish. However, if you do decide to take on the task to conquer the dragon and walk away victorious, there’s a tee for that! J!’s “Arrow in the Knee” tee comes in men’s premium and basic sizes small to XXL as well as a ladies version, sizes small, medium, XL and XXL (black).

Minecraft, released on PC and released in May of this year on XBOX Live and allows gamers to build virtual realities in a “sandbox-like” environment. Bring the virtual world to reality by running through the town in the Minecraft Run Away tee! Want to run the town at night? It’s available in glow in the dark as well, sizes small, medium, XL and XXL in a premium fit or youth sizes XS, L, and XL.

In 2011, EA (Electronic Arts) released Battlefield 3, a first person shooter where players take on several military roles as a Force Recon Marine, F/A-18 Weapon Systems Officer, M1M2 Abrams Tank Operator and a GRU Spetsnaz Op. Support these troops by visiting’s brand new launch of Battlefield 3 merch, including the new, tee with the big and bold BF3 logo and soldier printed down the tee front.


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