OUYA Game Console

OUYA Game Console

Today, the TV gaming console is going slightly out of style. Instead of improving the console’s themselves, game developers have put their efforts into improving the games and formatting games to be compatible with whatever console the game will be played on. That, combined with the costs of producing console games, has led to a decline in the industry.

A new player in console design, however, is looking to change that. Joining the big boys of gaming software is not the much-encouraged Apple, but Android. Android software is now being used to develop a new console that claims it will reboot the TV gaming experience through being the most user-friendly console yet.

OUYA, the Android based console, is being made by the inventors of the smartspeaker, Jambox. The project began on a fundraising website called Kickstarter, which allows users to post their ideas so visitors, or backers, can invest money in the proposed product with some kind of pay off if the project is successful.

OUYA began on Kickerstarter with a goal of raising $950,000. The console has now made over $7.8 million and has over 58,000 backers on the website. Not only do the developers believe in OUYA’s capabilities, but so does the gaming public.

Ouya’s crowdfunding campaign ends with final tally surpassing US$8m

OUYA is more than just another user-friendly console. It is made with developers and hackers in mind, being entirely customizable with not only the software, but the hardware of the device.

This small console is picking up speed in the gaming world. Because Android is app based, developers can create new games and put them on OUYA for free, providing players with hundreds of trials of new games. Other games like Minecraft and Final Fantasy are jumping onto OUYA, providing free gaming trials as well.

OUYA is also for video watching, with Twitch.TV, making it easy to watch StarCraft and League of Legends. VEVO also jumped on the bandwagon; backing OUYA enough for them to end their Kickstarter account and make the prototype a reality.

The console and controller are being designed by Yves Behar, the creator of Jambox. The controller is made with all the add-ons a gamer could want: fast buttons, triggers, laser-precise analog sticks, a D-Pad. The controller will also have a touchpad for any games moving from mobile or tablet use, to the TV.

The console is small, sleek and silver. A Tegra3 quad core processor sits in the center of the box that is no bigger than a small box of tissues. It comes with 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal flash storage, and Android 4.0. The console is also set to have an HDMI connection, Wi Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

Furthermore, the hard drive is made to be customizable. It’s easy to root, which won’t void your warranty, opens with standard screws, and allows hackers to create their own peripherals. It’s a customizer’s dream come true.

A possible issue in the future is the product being too easy to access. Entry-level hackers might get bored quickly and experienced hackers might not even attempt to fiddle around with OUYA if there is no challenge in changing the software.

Regardless, investors, gamers and established media industries are already getting excited about the release of OUYA, which is planned for March 2013. It’s definitely a product worth keeping your eye on.

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