Mount and Blade Review

Did you ever dreamed to become a Lord from the medieval times? Or live out on a world full of war to fight it out for supremacy? Then Mount&Blade is the game for you. It is a great game back from ’08, Innovating more to the role-playing genre. Mount&Blade or Mount AND Blade mixed it’s genres like never before and very much succeeds to mix those well. The game is a success, It won a “Indie Game of the Year” award back from 2008 and made it’s own dedicated, loyal fan base. Now chaps, the time for talk is over, It’s time to conquer the world! Fellow Men/Women! Lets start!

Mount&Blade is a game made by an Independent Turkish Game Company named “Taleworlds”, the game is non-linear so you are free to choose on what you will do on the land of Calradia, which is the world that the Mount&Blade series happened on. You will start creating your character’s back story, Is your father a Noble? A smart merchant? A veteran warrior? or even a thief? The next remaining questions are all about your character and It has the outcome on how your character’s build is, If you chose the right answers. You will have bonuses depending on the choices you selected. It’s up to your logic to find out your right character build, If it’s an Archer, Warrior or Strategist.

Gameplay-wise? When not on battle you will be travelling through the map screen. You click on the land/village/town you wish to go and you will travel there. Once you’ve encountered bandits, Get ready for battle! The combat system is at it’s first! Mounted horse combat! Slinging your sword works for example, If you look on your left side and hold the left mouse button. You’ll swing your sword to the left side. Same goes to the other handed weapons. Combat is straight forward and one of the best combat systems ever put in a game. There are Bows, Crossbows and Throwable weapons like rocks, hatchets and etc.

In M&B there is also a well thought out Party system, You will be able to recruit troops in Villages for a low cost of 10 denars per head. But they are only recruits and not so very powerful. Overtime though, They will advance levels. And you will decide what troop build you want for them to advance to. For example, If you chose to join the Swadian’s. You can hire a recruit in villages and train them to become Militias, when they advance more. I can choose if they will become a swordsman or skirmisher. Thats how upgrading troops work in M&B. You can also hire mercenaries in Taverns located in Towns if you are looking for good troops with a charge of 200+ denars depending on troop type.

You can also become a Lord, which is, You can be a part of a Faction you chose. All Factions has pro’s and con’s so choose carefully! I, myself chose the Swadians for their awesome knights. My only gripe joining there is the low week salary. Other than being a Lord is you can stick on a faction as a Mercenary. Which the Lords will task you out to do things.. etc etc, OR Be a Outlaw! Thats fun right?! Plunder villages and get loot.. And all that other “fun” things. The difficulty can be very easy and sometimes very frustratingly difficult depending on your settings.

The only gripe for Mount and Blade is that it’s graphics is very outdated for a 2008 game. You can see textures popping in sometimes, Rippling skyboxes and the ground can load up the sky itself. Your only hope playing M&B with Blissful graphics is through modding. Mount and Blade has a great mod community that is creating great mods for the community to play. There are Graphical Mods that changes M&B’s graphics to a higher scale, Total conversions and others. Hell, there is even a Western Mod, LOTR mod and a STAR WAR’S mod!

Mount and Blade is a great game. The gameplay is fluid. Combat is an innovation, Story is mediocre and graphics is outdated. The sequel, Warband is much improved to Mount and Blade’s build. But M&B has more charm than Warband. Warband has multiplayer by the way. If M&B’s Taleworlds did more quality work with it’s story, More options for the Single Player mod (Which is the only mode rather than Quick Battles) like Creating your own Kingdom and Naval battles, And worked on more with the Graphics engine. Mount and Blade will be surely a monster hit. But it’s a great game no doubt about it. Won a Indie Game of the Year and thats enough for a first project from a Turkish Company.

Score: 8.5/10 GREAT GAME! 

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