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 Mass Effect 3 review

How could I not review Mass Effect 3 as my first review here on Giga Gamers? Quite easily is the answer, but I thought it best to get this still hot topic onto Giga Gamers.

Mass Effect 3 starts off with the Reapers attacking Earth while you as your male or fem Shepard are frustratingly trying to explain to the Council what to expect from the Reapers. The short journey with Anderson at your side serves as the tutorial level which is done quite nicely alongside the Reapers attacking and destroying everything from all sides. You are soon whisked away from Earth to begin the preparations to bring the fight back to the Reapers. This includes meeting up with familiar faces along the way, some you can recruit as squad mates and some you can’t.

I’m not going to describe every main level and what happens because that takes the fun out of games and i’m sure you would prefer to find out for yourself compared to me telling you what happens. Mass Effect 3 is a perfect example of finding your own footing in a game especially one of this size and magnitude, like in the previous Mass Effect games you have conversation options that lean towards paragon or renegade. These like before will affect your character’s interaction with others in the game. The main play through to me felt a little lacking with side quests, now that’s not to say there aren’t quite a few but compared to Mass Effect 2 it felt lacking in that department. You can still scan planets but it’s just for War Assets and possibly credits, oh and fuel as well when you scan the galaxy. An added feature here is that the Reapers can detect when you scan for resources, if the red gauge gets to the maximum the Reapers will come and attempt to destroy you. Think of it as hide and seek but if you get caught you die. I’m sure most hide and seek games don’t end that way, well they didn’t when I played them in my younger days.

Since Mass Effect 3 is trying to essentially tie up everything it should be expected that there will be a few emotional moments as for Shepard this is the end of the journey. I was not prepared for the range of emotions I went through with Kaiden. From meeting him at the start of the game right the way through to the end when they speak just before the final push on the Reapers. My eyes were not dry. This isn’t just for Kaiden it’s for all squad mates you have attached yourself to. It’s not just about the action with Mass Effect 3 it’s about the whole journey you have made with everyone.

Game play wise it plays similar to the previous games but this time your omni tool is your melee weapon, there is some sort of sick satisfaction wanting to stab things in the head all the time. Even in the multi player when you could get shot to pieces. Good times, good stuff. The multi-player section is a very nice addition even though you have to deal with the trolls of the gaming world screeching in your ear. Each time you complete a survival match your galactic readiness meter goes up which relates to the main play through. You have a range of alien races to play as including all of the classes, with each completion or even failure of a survival match you gain experience and credits to spend. These credits can be spent in the shop where you can buy packs that will give you new weapons, races, classes and modification items for your weapons. This is a nice option from having to spend actual money, it makes it more worth while and satisfactory that you have earned the credits you have spent.

If you haven’t bought Mass Effect 3 because of how it all ends then just ignore it, go find out for yourself. Personally I didn’t care, I found the game enjoyable and got hours of fun out of it. Yes the ending was maybe a little disappointing but it didn’t stop me starting another play through once I had finished it.

Now go buy it. Go on do it, I will wait here for you so we can multi play and troll.


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