Little Big Planet PS VITA Review

Little Big Planet PS VITA Review

The previous version of Little Big Planet showed why fun and fantasy still rules video games. Little Big Planet 2 brought a stronger feeling of charm. The third edition of the game is finally here, where it has to be – on the PS Vita.

What’s new in the game?

The game revolves around a simple concept where an evil puppeteer takes on a magic carnival planet. The levels, cut scenes, voice grate are glorified and beautifully designed along with tutorials that tell you how the new toys of the game work. In this campaign, there are number of refreshing play things that are funnier than one can imagine.

Among the new changes are the touch-controlled game play styles like finger print scanner and touch based blocks that can be moved manually by dragging it through the touch screen. They all work great and are enjoyable too. Unlike most other Play Station Vita games, the touch controls of Little Big Planet do not feel too saturated. Indeed it makes the whole game more interesting. The game features some beautifully designed levels in which blocks can be pushed in and out via the rear and front touch interfaces. Talented gamers can make the most out of them.

The game features new power-ups that make use of the Play Station Vita’s controls ranging from gliders that can be dragged with touch functions to vehicular wheels that are propelled by tilting the system physically. Each item is different in terms of entertainment and quality. Sometimes dragging the weird vehicle around using one’s finger is not very comfortable. But there is also enough time for some tilt mechanism. This particular function in the new edition of Little Big Planet is very elegant.

The feel

The game does not force you to make use of the touch controls all the time, thanks to the Popit menu and the level building. They can be interacted by using buttons or the touch. By using both the touch and the button options, you will realize that the game is more fluid and fun. Indeed the new Little Big Planet is a perfect example of how Vita controls are designed right, especially the working compromise between two beautifully executed control methods, opposed to games that promote technology ahead of user experience.

One thing pleasing about the Vita is that the camera and the microphone are built-in enabling users to make their own images and sounds without making use of other peripherals. Though the quality is not very sporty, its accessibility is one thing that needs to be appreciated. Not just the controls, the whole handheld format delivers a better experience.

The presentation

The game is presented in a solid manner with its electric music. However the game looks a bit loamy when compared to the technically superior predecessors of PS3. The game as a package may not be as fine as a Gravity Rush, but is still not in the unpleasant scale. Details of objects and animations are lessened but the aesthetic spirit of the game remains the same thanks to the efforts of Tarsier and Double Eleven.

The additional contents offered in the game ranges from racing games to whack-a-mole to block-building. There’s big arcade section that is filled with easy skill tests and puzzles. For most part of the game, there is a touch of iPhone clones that makes use of the touch inputs heavily. The mobile-styled system of level selection is another pleasing factor. The arcade add-ons are adequate if you are on the lookout for extras.

To sum up, Little Big Planet is definitely little big on the fun and entertainment front. The new interface elements work superbly and the extra toys are fun to deal with. Little Big Planet definitely credits PS Vita for its potential abilities.
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