Know the Ways to Play Adventure Time Games Online

Adventure Time Games Online

There’s only one way to play Adventure Time games online. You go to the Cartoon Network site, you load up the Adventure Time area with its character lists and its games, and you get playing.

Adventure Time is one of the latest offering from Cartoon Network – the zany adventures of Finn, a silly little boy who wants to be a hero; and his wise old dog Jake. While Jake really just wants to be left alone to play the viol with his girlfriend Lady Rainicorn, he’s always happy to follow his master and best friend into the jaws of yet another adventure featuring the evil and very long-nosed Ice King!

The Ice King is a bad tempered old dude whose blue face and mean temper are probably the reasons he’s never managed to pick up a wife. Which is unfortunate for Finn and Jake, because the Ice King’s attempts to do just that often intrude on valuable viola playing time – and then there’s nothing for it but to go off on another righteous quest to save a damsel from distress – and of course have some pretty wild and wacky adventures in the process.

Oh – and let’s not forget Marcelline the Vampire Queen, whose centuries of wandering around in the Land of Ooo have made her as fearless as – well, as fearless as a vampire actually. Then there are the Candy Zombies, whose never-ending undead mission is to sow destruction and havoc wheresoever they can. Particularly if in so sowing they manage to throw a spanner in the works for Finn, Jake and the Princess Bubblegum!

Marceline the Vampire Queen

Princess Bubblegum’s unusual DNA structure – she shares human DNA with the physical properties of bubblegum – is merely the start of her uniqueness. And her dazzling allure of course, which makes her the target of most of the Ice King’s nefarious schemes. Scarcely an Adventure Time episode goes by without the German-speaking, super-scientific geek princess being whipped off to some impenetrable fortress somewhere, where the bold fear to tread but where Finn and Jake have to go if they ever want to see their friend again. Oh – and Finn might just have the tiniest little massive crush on Princess Bubblegum, but who’s counting?

Then there’s the wonderful Lady Rainicorn, half unicorn half rainbow, who is Jake’s devoted girlfriend and one of Adventure Time’s premier exponents of the viola. When not playing the viola, Lady Rainicorn is speaking Korean – the only language she knows how to use, though she seems to understand everyone else well enough. Like Jake, she has the power to change things – while Jake changes himself into different shapes and sizes, Lady Rainicorn is able to change people and objects into the colours of her choice. No wonder she’s so multi-coloured herself!

The Lady is, of course, Princess Bubblegum’s pet – and as she and Jake are already partially betrothed, it seems only a matter of time before their owners get that way too. Which can mean only one thing – it’s very close to Adventure Time…

Jon loves to play adventure time games of Cartoon Network. He often blogs about these games as well.

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