Ubisoft’s Just Dance 4 Review

Just Dance 4 review

Dancing is not a skill to develop, but a feeling to cherish! And, Just Dance 4 does just that. Developed by Ubisoft, the fourth installment of the Just Dance franchise allows you to bring out the dancer in you and live those moments of move-n-groove to the fullest. So, let’s check out what else it offers.

Game Play:

Just Dance 4 retains some of the core game play features of the original title, where the main objective of the players is to recreate the moves of the virtual character on the screen. The game offers around 43 tracks to choose from and has a number of game modes to its credit. The regular game modes such as the 8 player feature, the Medley mode and the Speed-Shuffle mode have been eliminated from the game and replaced with new ones. Also, the game offers a quest mode that has over six objectives to be completed in each song. Every successful completion will reward the players with points that can be added to their stats or the Mojo. Furthermore, the players can create display cards or Dancer Cards to exhibit their in-game information such as favorite tracks, best timings, moves and much more.

Battle Mode:

It is an interesting mode, where two players from two different songs show-off their dance moves against each other. The game offers each player a health bar that decreases when the opponent dominates the moves. There are a total of five rounds in this mode and the player with the least or zero health loses. Also, the song that played for the winning player continues to play in the next round.

Just Swear Mode:

This mode is sure to burn all those extra calories off your body. Just Sweat mode resembles an aerobic workout session, where the players specify the time limit for each session and follow the on-screen routine. This mode plays on a rhythmic routine, which starts off with a warm up session, goes to a dance session, a workout mode, again a dance session and finally the relax mode. There are five such sessions included in this mode and each mode displays the amount of calorie burnt at the end.

The Wii Factor:

A new mode named Puppet Mode has been developed exclusively for Wii U consoles. One of the players in this mode takes up the role of a choreographer (puppet), where they have the ability to change the moves at their will. When the relevant button appears on the screen, the players can strike a pose and ask others to imitate the same. The players’ who resemble the original are awarded maximum points.



The controllers are simple, responsive and the game reacts to the player’s gestures and movements pretty well. The music tracks are fun and bring out the mood to show some grooves. Though no unlockables are offered, the game provides some alternate routines that allow you to select a track of your choice as you level up. The limitation here is that they are not all-new tracks but rather an expansion of an old track, a remix or just a compilation of some tracks. So if there is any drawback with this game, it is this!

The Verdict:

Overall, the game retains and manages to offer the fun it is known for. The inclusion of new modes to the game is indeed a treat to the players and helps keep repetitiveness of the game play at a distance. So go for it and party harder as excitement and fun are going to soar high with this one!
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