30 Interesting Facts About Computer Games

Interesting Facts About Computer Games1. In the western 1951, ‘Distant Drums’, for the voice acting was used a short cry, named ‘Man of the alligator bites and he cries.’ The second appearance of this cry recorded in the movie ‘Attack at Feather River’, where it produces an arrow wounded soldier Wilhelm. Next, the sound appeared in several films of Warner Bros., and in 1970 Ben Burtt borrowed it and began to use as a professional sign in many his films, including the series ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Indiana Jones.’ Soon, other sound engineers picked up on this tradition – currently Wilhelm scream can be heard in more than 200 films and computer games.

2. Initially, the model of Lara Croft was not planned with such magnificent breasts. But one designer in the process of setting up the character randomly, in one click, increase Lara’s breast by 150%. The whole team of developers liked new design and decided to leave this form.

3. 12-year-old Norwegian Hans Jørgen Olsen saved himself and his sister from an angry moose during a walk in the woods. The boy used the skills that he had seen in the game ‘World of Warcraft’. First he teased moose to distract him from his sister. When the animal went after him, he laid down and pretended to be dead – a trick available to hunter-players of 30 level.

4. Many Chinese prisons chiefs and guards forced prisoners to play online games, getting from this illegal profits.

5. Each of the cars in ‘Gran Turismo 4’ required about a month of one person’s work. In the final version of the game was about 700 cars.

6. ‘Mega Man’ is blue because the first platform on which the game appeared, had a limited choice of colors with a blue tint. Platform NES, by the way.

7. Maximum record registered in the game ‘Pac-Man’ is 3,333,360 points.

8. In Doom 3, you can find a PDA with the scheme of the main office.

9. The game ‘Everybody Loves Katamari’ (you are rolling round creature and have to stick over the maximum number of items) have bonus level, which aims to collect one million items.

10. Original disks ‘FIFA 2001’ smelled grass.

11. Game ‘Red Dead Revolver’ was developed by ‘Capcom’, and then sold to ‘Rockstar’.

12. Lara Croft was planned to call Laura Cruz (Laura Cruz).

13. Mario has no surname.

14. During the development of ‘Half-Life’ game was codenamed ‘Quiver’.

15. During to the studies of ‘Entertainment Software Association’, the average age of players is 33 years.

16. The most powerful weapon in ‘Bad Day LA’ is nailgun.

17. 24% of Americans over 50 play video games. In 1999, there were only 9%.

18. ‘Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory’ has been banned in South Korea because in the game is shown ruined Seoul – the capital of Korea.

19. ‘Manhunt’ sale in New Zealand face prosecution.

20. All pigeons in the ‘Killer 7’ are named after characters from the James Bond movies.

21. ‘Platformer Psychonauts’ had sold 90 million copies in total for three platforms (PS2, Xbox and PC).

22. Toothy enemies in Mario were inspired by a dog, which lived across the street from Miyamoto (Miyamoto) when he was a child.

23. On every track in ‘Flatout 2’ has about 5000 destructible objects.

24. The soundtrack for the game Okami takes 5 discs.

25. The Sims were in the top-10 sales chart in the UK for 82 weeks (almost two years).

26. ICO should have been released for the Playstation 1. Also, the main character was not supposed to have horns.

27. Acceleration of enemies in ‘Space Invaders’ was not originally planned. This happened due to the nature of programming, but in the end was decided to leave it.

28. It is possible to pass Super Mario 64, having collected only one star by using a series of defects. They must be 70 if you play fair.

29. ‘Super Smash Bros. Melee’ was the best-selling game on the ‘GameCube’. It was sold over 6 million copies.

30. Planned release of comics on the game ‘Killzone’. But this did not happen because the publisher went bankrupt.

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