How the Mists of Pandaria Has Affected the Virtual Economy in World of Warcraft

How the Mists of Pandaria Has Affected the Virtual Economy in World of Warcraft

The Mists have parted over Pandaria, altering the economic map of the World of Warcraft forever. The stakes have been raised for everyone looking to become as rich as a goblin trade prince in WoW’s latest expansion. The new virtual economy is affected by new gold sinks as well as changes to crafting and farming.

A new expansion brings new goals, and Mists of Pandaria has brought with it plenty of grand new reasons to build up a large pile of gold. At least six new factions sell mounts costing anywhere from 500 to 10,000 gold. Armor vendors found in expansion zones even appeal to fresh level 85 characters, providing an opportunity to replace weaker armor pieces — for the right price, of course.

Vendors aren’t the only sources of shiny new toys. Just like the alchemist-created Vial of the Sands in the Cataclysm expansion, Mists of Pandaria provides even more spectacular mounts that can be crafted by players themselves. Jewelcrafters, for example, can create five new flying panther mounts. Four of these mounts require material from vendors that will drive their crafting cost up at least 20,000 gold. The fifth mount is created by combining the previous four, which means that a serious mount collector is now going to need some seriously deep pockets to complete their collections.

Acquiring the gold needed to splurge on all these items isn’t as simple as it has been in previous expansions. Serious crafters must now possess a strong focus on raising faction reputation. Where previously it was possible to raise a profession from minimum to max in order to immediately have access to end-game recipes, a player will now have to spend time questing for reputation in order to earn the right to purchase valuable end-game recipes from faction quartermasters.

Crafters also face a new challenge in acquiring the materials needed to create these new designs. In previous World of Warcraft expansions, most common and rare materials could be farmed or purchased from farmers using the auction house. Combined zones across multiple realms have created new competition for some farmers and less for others. Some high-end recipes required a special type of material that could only be obtained through a jaunt into heroic-level dungeons, but MoP rewards the solo player as similar items are found through slaying enemies or personally reaping it from a character’s own farm.

The new WoW economy is more complex, but the greater rewards are sure to make gold change hands more frequently than ever before.


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