Guild Wars 2 Legendary Guide

Guild Wars 2 Legendary Guide

Okay so you’ve decided to start on the coveted legendary weapons. The question is, where do we begin? The first thing that you should do is to garner yourself a set of magic find gear from the TP. Or if you have the crafting skills, simply craft them.

Ensure that you buy 5 Superior Rune of the Pirate and applying them to magic find armor that has a stat of %3 mf (Look for level 80 Traveler Items). Now Apply the last piece of your armor with a Superior Rune of the Traveler. Remember if it’s too expensive go for the cheaper alternatives such as the Major runes, however I strongly recommend getting the superior runes. Now depending if you are duel wielding or using a single weapon ensure that you apply the Superior Sigil of Luck on your weapon. When that’s completed buy a set of Opal Jewels (greens) and stack them with opal crystals to ensure that they give you significant MF boost.

Once all this is complete, you should now have an adequate if not the best gear that gives you the highest chance of getting rare and exotics. Ensure that you buy Peach Tarts which gives an additional 26% Magic find. If you have a higher budget you can go for the Omno Bars which gives a higher MF and additional gold. For me, I just used the cheap alternative in Peach Tarts. Remember do not start farming karma without MF Gear, MF gear is essential to the gold needed for your legendaries.

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Now were ready to begin!


The best advice I can give you in Karma farming is to BUY Karma boosters. Counter to the believe of many, Karma boosters only cost 75 gems each comparing to the 150 of other boosters. Not only that, you can buy them in bulk (5) for around 275 gems (1g). That’s right folks, on average 5 hour of karma boosts will only cost you 1 gold. Some may say that “1 gold is not affordable”, however think about it this way. 5 Karma boosters is 5 hours of farming. While you use your boosters, make sure you leave a minimum of 20 silver per hour (not hard to do in Orr) to save for your next 5 batch. Karma boosters give you 578 Karma comparing to the 378 you normally receive. DR will surely hit, but whenever you hit DR, just switch Characters and do your other objectives (Badges which I will later discuss).

The second tip on karma farming is to TAG And RUN. I’ve seen karma farmers stay in one event for 5 minutes, in that time frame I would have already flew through 3-4 other events. When you feel that you’ve contributed to the event, look at world map and do the next one! You will still get full credits! Do not stay in one event for too long unless there are none left.

Finally, where do we farm Karma? Cursed Shore is your best bet.

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I’ve scribbled the event chain that I did to garner the 1 million karma needed to craft the Juggernaut. If you refer to my map you can see C is the main camps Penitent, Shelter, and Jofast. If you see in your map that these places become contested RUN to them and ensure that you at least hit 2 incoming mobs. After you feel that you’ve sufficiently hit the mobs look for other events. T is the tar event. It pops up often and it tends to lead to other events like G the Contender and Gladiator and P Plinx. Just ensure you cycle through these areas all the time. I will put descriptions on each event describing when to expect them to start.


Defend Penitent Camp C: Starts when it is contested, this event spawns risen mobs. DO NOT, waste your time killing all these mobs for the sake of loot. This place is a DR event, and hardly drops anymore loot now. Just ensure you hit some mobs (give it 30 sec- 1 min) and look for other events.

Escort Veteran Pack Heart (E): This event usually starts right after Defend Penitent Camp Event Ends. This is a fast event, ensure that you rush to the escort as soon as possible and hit the mobs. Note, this event does not always spawn right after penitent.

Defend Shelter Camp C: Same as penitent it starts by being contested. The event usually occurs alongside with penitent, but other times alone. Ensure that you rush across the tunnel from penitent and strike as many mobs as you can. I actually encourage you to stay a bit longer here, as the spider mobs and wraiths drop better loot. As seen in the video later, I received a yellow by just killing a few spiders.

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Defend Jofast Camp C: This is the third camp and the farthest away amongst the three. ONLY do this event when you are positive that there are no other events. This event is too far away to be efficient.

Kill Tar in R&D Camp (T): This event occurs when R&D camp becomes contested. Usually this happens in conjunction with other events such as Broodmother, Plinx and Risen Gladiator. Just ensure you hit a few of these tars and look for other events.

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Escort Rakkan R: The Rakkan event happens quite rarely. Regardless you need to escort Rakkan to the area where I have drawn arrows. Only do Rakkan when you are positive that events such as Plinx and Gladiator are not up.

Kill Veteran Brood Mother R: This is the follow up to Rakkan’s event. After he reaches his escort location, a veteran brood mother spawns which you would need to kill. Do this event if you can. This event is very fast and efficient.

Defend Plinx While Making Repairs (P): Now shift your attention to the top left corner of the map. The first P is where Plinx starts. Plinx is the godfather of karma. Without Plinx, there is no such things as legendaries. Plinx crafted Sunrise, Twilight, Bifrost, Juggernaut, Incenator, etc. Ensure that you join this first event. Usually people will call out “Plinx is up” but most of the time complete silence. Just ensure that you are around the premises when he comes up. Essentially you just defend him while he makes repairs. This event lasts less than 2 minutes.

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Escort Plinx To Beacon Site (P): The second part of the Plinx event is escorting him to a beacon site. This is where you can get a lot of loot for you legendaries. Not only that this event usually open up other events such as, Tar, Broodmother, Gladiator.

Defend the Beacon Site (P): This is the third part of Plinx, This is the only event that you should not Tag and Run. You need to stay here a while and ensure that you hit the mobs to get full credits.

Escort Plinx To Caer (P): After defending the beacon site you have to escort Plinx back towards Caer. This is the best event that can give you loot. This event itself has dropped me 2 Exotic items. One being Khilborn’s Coat (which sold for roughly 15g) the other being Khilborn’s gloves. Various mobs will attack, ensure that you tag them and garner their loot.

Kill Champion Risen Abomination (P): This is the last part of the Plinx event, as soon as you finish the escort part, an abomination will spawn in camp. Ensure that you tag him. He takes a while to kill, so just hit him sufficiently and teleport to the next event! Remember this is essentially the timer for Plinx. Once you know that the abomination has been dead for around 5-6 minutes, this is the time when you should start heading back to the Plinx area and start from phase 1 again.

Contender Event and Defeat Champion Gladiator (G): This is actually 2 events. The first part you have to kill 3 contenders that spawns right after each other one is killed. I can’t stress enough how important to be present when the third contender spawns. He spawns embers around him. This is where you need to ensure that you AOE the embers. It’s almost 100% that you will receive a Ruby Crystal perhaps multiple from these embers. Not only that these embers are able to drop Molten Lodestones that can be sold at 40 Silver in the Trade Post. Once you kill the contenders a Champion gladiator will pop up which you would need to kill. Again, I recommend tagging and moving on to your next event if possible.

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Kill The Champion Broodmother B: The champion broodmother spawns around the area B. Usually you do this event as you do other such as Plinx and the tar camp. Again tag if necessary or you can stay and finish the broodmother. In fact from my personal experience, I received the exotic bow Eeirs Longbow from this champion broodmother which I sold for 20g in the Trade post. I can’t stress enough how important MF gear is to speed up the farming of gold.

Others: Usually people on the map will call out events such as Grent, Melandru and Defend Arah. Grent is a great event to receive lots of loot. However, only do these three events when there are no chain events. Do not leave plinx, gladiator, camps, just so you can get the coveted chest from some of these event. It is just time consuming and not efficient.

Event Conclusion:

So why am I recommending people to tag and run? Simple fact, you get more loot my farming in a bigger area. If you had stayed for the whole event in Penitent camp, you will receive the DR penalty for farming which will ensure that you receive no loot for a period of time. By rapidly jumping events and killing mobs all over place, you ensure that DR on loot does not occur and thus receive more gold. Event jumping will not only speed up your karma farming, but brings home more bacon.
Event Video:

Here is a short 13 minutes video of me Karma farming. Please take note that I was in a party with my guild members. Also take note that none of them were as efficient as me in the map. The guildie besides me Munch there missed more than 3 events that I did in the same amount of time. Please watch this video carefully and observe on what I do, how I tag, and most importantly how I was able to be more efficient then my party members. In less than 15 minutes I was able to farm a substantial amount of Karma. This is the best way to farm karma for your Obsidian Shards.


In the event that Karma DR occurs (which will no doubt happen less then 20 minutes if you use Karma Boosters) you can search for the 5 Ori Nodes that spawns every 4 hours in Cursed Shore. This was a good way to keep me occupied while I waited for Karma DR. Also, during Karma DR I recommend switching to other characters and start doing the WvW puzzles for your badges and switch to other characters to farm other zones. I will now move on to the topic of badges.

Badges of Honor:

Many people are complaining that these badges do not drop often enough in WvW, in fact hours of WvW would garner little badges. The fact that you need 500 for you legendary means that you would have needed to spend hours in WvW. Well, there is a solution to this. Jumping Puzzles. Jumping puzzles are located North West of a Battleground, or near the keeps in Eternal Battleground. Personally I never did the EB puzzles due to the fact that it is long, harder and most importantly prone to being attacked. Do all 3 Battleground puzzles everyday with your character! Each puzzle can on average get you 5 badges. Doing 3 each day will garner you 15 badges. 15 badges is not much at all, however, one of my most important tips is to create 5 characters (or if you have more slots more). Ensure that they are warriors. All you need to do is start a warrior, do the first mission, receive a war horn, train the warhorn skill and go for the puzzles.

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Since you can do three battle grounds for each characters, making 5 characters ensures that you get a maximum of 75 badges PER DAY! In fact, you can even decide to switch servers and get another extra 75 badges! Not only is this efficient, but you can get all your badges in less than a week. The problems I’ve had in doing this however, is the constant griefing of other worlds. The best time to do these puzzles is in the morning or late at night, it will ensure that your badge farming becomes much more efficient and safe.

Here I’ve posted a video of me doing a jumping puzzle in one of the battlegrounds. Take note, all puzzles in battle grounds ARE IDENTICAL. Please pay attention to the path I take to get to the puzzle to avoid enemies. Also please pay attention the shortcuts I take to complete the puzzle efficiently! As you can see in the video, make sure that you un-check “Double-Tap To Evade” in your options. As you can see Munch my jumping partner rolled off the puzzle by just clicking w twice by accident. Ensure that this automatic evading is disabled!!!!!!! Also take note that after I received the Top half key, I ensured that I fell right to a log bellow that location. This log is a shortcut to the second key!!!



Perhaps this is the most dreadful part. How does one afford to buy a precursor that has now tripled in price? How does one garner enough money to get all one’s materials? Well, I can’t answer all of this. Were all different and each of us have our own luck, so I can’t really estimate how long it’ll take for you to earn all your gold to get all your mats. However, I can still provide you with the best advice in acquiring gold. If you’ve started your quest in Karma farming, then you’ve already found the best way to find gold. Considering you have to farm 1 million karma + on average to garner your Mystic clovers, grinding karma in cursed shore will surely add more then 150-250g to your bank account. This is with the condition that you are using full MF gear and most importantly TAG and RUN to avoid farming DR. With MF gear you can get numerous rare drops and even exotics! In my time in Cursed Shores, I’ve had 5 exotics drop for me. The First was Rurik’s gloves, the Second A Mantle, the third Khilborns Coat, the fourth Eiirs Longbow and the last Khilborns gloves. In all, these exotics contributed to more then 50+ gold towards my materials. This is not taking account the numerous rares I received by using the TAG and Run method. As you’ve seen in my earlier video, by just going to shelter camp and hitting 1 mob I received a yellow dagger. Now you’re probably asking “should I salvage my yellows for ectos?”. You could if the offer in TP was much lower than the price of ectos…. but the safest bet is just to sell your yellows via TP. It is better to have 15 silver then ending up empty handed. You keep selling those yellows, it’ll eventually add up and become integral to your gold progress.
So let me summarize this.

1. Tag and Run in Cursed Shore, ensure that Auto-Loot is enabled in Options. Tagging and Running ensures that you do not hit diminishing returns!

2. Always Sell your Rares in the TP unless the Price is Much lower than Ectos

3. If you want to go back to Lion Arch, do not teleport directly (This will Cost 3.5 Silver+) Just Teleport to Hearts of Mist (sPvp) and take the LA portal via there.

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4. Always wear MF gear. I can’t stress enough how important this is. I’ve seen many people complaining that MF gear does not work. However, in the long run and if you consistently use it, you’ll definitely see better results. Eat Peach Tarts or Omnoberry bars.

5. While experiencing Karma DR, ensure that you run around Cursed Shore to find the 5 Orichalcum Nodes. These nodes will re-spawn back every 4-5 hours. This is easy silver, and for those working on the gift of metal, easy Orichalcum ingots.

6. Ensure that you are present during phase 3 of the Contender Event to get Ruby Crystals! You can get more then 3-4 crystals when lucky, and sometimes you can even receive Molten lodestones!

7. With the recent increase in precursor prices, my best advice is to just wait and garner it last. I’ve had friends spend more than 100 gold trying to get the precursor out of the mystic forge to no avail. My advice? Collect enough money for your other materials first! However if you decide to gamble, I can’t estimate the amount you would need to garner your precursor. The best bet is throwing in 4 exotics and not 4 rares.

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8. Do not buy t6 materials yet! You will receive plenty T6 materials while doing clovers! In fact you can receive several lodestones as well when doing your clovers.

9. ALWAYS BE IN A PARTY. Do not go anti-social mode! There are many advantages in a party! One that’s not proven but discussed, is that you receive more loot while being in a party (personally I think this is true). Second, with party members they can point out events, and can be used as event reference points on your mini map. Being in a group is important!

10. Invest time and effort. There’s nothing more that gets you closer to your Legendary by spending time and effort on it. These tips is what helped me acquire my Legendary faster, but still I had to invest a lot of time farming and grinding events. So, put the effort and you will surely be rewarded.

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