Be your favourite gaming character for Halloween

gaming character for Halloween

Halloween is coming soon, and as it draws closer, the thoughts of many adults and kids looking to celebrate this October 31st will turn to what costumes they will want to wear. Whether it’s for a party with friends, trick or treating or simply for kicks, to make Halloween extra-special, there’s nothing quite like wearing a fancy dress costume. There are many themes popular at this time of year, but some work more well than others because they’re scary, unique and, above all else, fun.

Characters from popular computer games offer plenty of inspiration, as they manage to stand out from the usual Halloween fare of vampire and ghost costumes, while they can be worn for just about any other occasion where fancy dress is required. The choice of gaming character outfits is wide and has something that people of all ages can wear, from vintage characters of the late 1980’s to the stars of today’s most popular titles.

Tomb Raider

If you’re a woman who grew up playing Tomb Raider, why not dress like Lara Croft, the game’s heroine? Lara Croft costumes are incredibly popular, and are sold by a number of specialist fancy dress outfit retailers online. As Lara was someone that no-one would dare cross if they could help it, dressing like her would be both scary and surprising to anyone who saw you dressed like her.

Kids might like to dress up like Mario and Luigi aka the Super Mario Bros. Ever since they first appeared on the earliest Nintendo console, they have been popular with kids and adults. Super Mario Bros costumes are widely available, and are perfect for going trick or treating and parties afterwards with their friends, who are sure to love those costumes.

Mario and Luigi

If you want your kids to look far scarier, you could get them to dress up as characters from the Lego Star Wars games. Darth Vader, Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker are instantly recognisable characters, and in Lego form, they would work perfectly for children under the age of 10 who want to look cool as well as different.

One of the scariest gaming costumes available for Halloween at the moment is Master Chief from Halo. Ideal for men and women, this costume will get everyone talking at the Halloween bash, and will show that you know a thing or two about computer games. However, there are plenty of other costumes to choose from that might work just as well.


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