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Halloween somehow manages to draw out the dark side in all of us as we find pleasure in things that might otherwise be considered terrifying — ghosts and ghouls, horror and magic, hauntings and hollows. There may be no better way to take advantage of the season’s good-feeling nature than by solving mysteries and taking in atmospheric games that fit the mood of the holiday. Let’s take a look at just a few must-have gaming experiences for the Halloween season:

Haunted Manor: Queen of Death

Haunted Manor: Queen of Death. Set in a decaying manor loaded with unwanted tricks and creepy tirades, “Haunted Manor” has you playing the role of a schoolgirl sent to boarding school in London only to learn that her family has mysteriously vanished, sending her back to a home transformed into a place of despair.  Gamers will witness mauling from monsters and detailed window panes as they play through, being tasked with finding an assortment of objects to destroy an evil amulet and save your family. The hidden object game is a suspenseful tale well worth investing in for some seasonal thrills taken at whatever pace you’re most comfortable with.

Halloween: Trick or Treat.Slightly more lighthearted compared to “Haunted Manor,” the story’s onset has grade-school kids setting off to trick or treat, only to encounter spooky locales like a graveyard and a witch house, searching these locations for hidden objects and solving puzzles, competing with family members for high scores to create a more traditional Halloween-themed arcade experience that is appealing for all ages.

  Plants Versus Zombies.While not solely a Halloween game, it does effectively fit the holiday vibe, as hordes of zombies are unleashed upon your lovely garden in an effort to destroy every bit of plant life you’ve so carefully nourished. Your mission is to prevent this onslaught through a tower-defense-style strategy, unleashing an arsenal of special weapons with your plants to prevent a botanical apocalypse. Boasting several “Best of” titles, Plants Versus Zombies should be a no-brainer purchase.

Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets

Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets. The game’s main character, Claire, has decided to embark on a much-needed vacation of rest and relaxation, but her plans are interrupted when she visits her Aunt Rosie only to find that she has disappeared in the wake of evil that has begun threatening the town, leaving Claire as the natural shoe-in for shooing it away. The game employs clever environmental puzzles and brain teasers to keep players on their toes as they trek through lighthouses and churches. Those seeking a fresh experience are welcomed to tap into Big Fish’s new Unlimited service, which allows players to enjoy lots of games through their Internet-enabled televisions, PCs and mobile devices.

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