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Welcome to my first part of Addictive Game Series! Today I kick off with an older MMORPG called Dream or Mirror Online (DoMo), as described on the aeria website it is an anime MMORPG. You have a wide variety of options and classes to take up when you first begin, you can have your own pet, get married (and divorced!), fly on your pets or other items, take part in mini games etc etc. It can seem a bit daunting when you first begin as there appears to be a lot to take in but the best way is to dive right in and just shout out in the broadcast channel if you have any questions. The graphics are of course out dated but the bright colors and design of the races and costumes can make your eyes sparkle up, the brightness suggested to me this was a warm environment and one I wanted to be a part of. Now I am slightly biased as I played this MMORPG for quite some time logging in every day until I uninstalled it.

Ah DoMo. I spent 3 years of my life on this MMORPG and to date it is the only one that has sapped away my time and money. So what makes this game so addicting that hundreds, possibly thousands of gamers spend their hard earned money over it. For the three years I was part of this community I discovered it was a multitude of things. Personally for me I had to have my avatar in the latest fashion designs which of course at first were only awarded in the tiered spender opportunities. These required AP (Aeria Points) to be spent to qualify for each tier, there was no question about it I needed to have this frilly pink corset. So the drive to kit your avatar in the latest fashion and even have the most powerful weapons, armour and pets to keep up with the ‘competition’, is enough to keep gamers who are very much involved in the game to keep coming back.

I wouldn’t say that the actual main story is enough to keep gamers enthralled, I mean at first I would read each bit of conversation between NPCs but once I hit level 60 I just wanted to finish the main plot to receive the reward of a golden weapon (which after many new weapons releases aren’t that good). The GMs (Game Masters) in charge of keeping DoMo going were at first some of the best with a lot of passion for it, though through time and moving onto better things the passion once had for DoMo is slowly dying if not gone. I can’t speak for the state of DoMo today but when I unistalled it, the GMs were doing nothing at all to help calm any fears of DoMo being shut down. It’s all about the server merge between Onyx and Sapphire which frankly has been going on for a quite a while. Many gamers lost faith including me and have moved onto better MMOs, or have become the DoMo trolls slinking around the forum trashing Aeria and the community every chance they get.

The main reason I kept coming back to DoMo was the community itself, when I started 90% of players were helpful though I saw no help from the Game Sages. I joined a guild which soon became my favourite on Sapphire until I switched over to the Onyx server to become a Game Sage myself. The banter alone from my ‘friends’ online kept me coming back each day. Though sadly in my opinion the community has gone down hill, which I believe is down to Aeria not giving DoMo enough attention and treating their players like whores pimping them for cash every chance they get.

It must seem that DoMo was once a great game and now it is nothing but a shadow of its former self, that I do believe is true but I vowed never to go back. New players today may join and find DoMo fantastic in every aspect, there is still a spark left in DoMo and it will be one of my favorite and most loved MMORPGs. I recommend giving Dream of Mirror Online a chance for at least a week to get into the swing of the main story, controls and interaction between the members. As I mentioned at the start I am a little biased but the same addictive urge I regularly felt happens for I would say 50% of members. What do you have to lose apart from a little bit of free time by trying a free to play MMORPG? Wait…don’t answer that.

Source & Picture: Dream of Mirror Online

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